Upreports & Marketing Mogul Untangles Online Reputation

Nowadays, Internet is considered a game changer when it comes to growth but it brings its own share of challenges. Brand reputation is an old concept which is directly proportional to business growth but it is something every company is struggling with online, be it a startup or big brand. Businesses are spending big money on online reputation and they are happy to do it because return is in multi fold. The problem starts when the ‘bad reputation’ blizzard arrives.

Our team of reputation managers and marketing experts collaborated with The Marketing Mogul to share big online reputation management facts, data, findings, and insights with small businesses as well as big brands.

online reputation

The piece about online reputation insights talks about:

• Glaring numbers of reputation management
• Cost of reputation management
• Global online reputation spend
• How to shield your brand from bad reputation

To put it simply, reading this blog will tell you the reality of online reputation management and help you protect your personal and professional reputation online.

Here is the complete post about reputation management insights on Internet.

From the past few months, Upreports is planning in-depth content and blogs for small businesses and big brands so that they can grow their business easily. Our last content partnership took us to Business.com and we shared marketing deep dive insights on it. If you have any query related to business growth, drop email at hello@upreports.com to consult with our marketing experts and branding managers.

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