Online Market Research Companies in India

Online market research has gained popularity in the past decade as businesses focus more on understanding their audience for business growth and sales. That said, hiring the right online market research company in India can be complicated as there are hundreds of companies offering market research services. That’s why we created this post.

In this blog, Upreports will share the list of the top 10 online market research companies in India. Read and discover your next online market research partner!

Online market research companies in India

Below details will help you learn about the best online marketing and market research companies to hire the right one. Let’s start!

Upreports Infotech

Upreports is one of the most renowned online market research companies located in Chandigarh, India. Its team of offline and online researchers has industry experience of almost a decade. Upreports offer a vast range of market research services to help its clients unearth audience, market, competitor, and growth insights.

Below are the most sought after online market research services offered by Upreports:

  • Survey planning services
  • Online research services
  • Data analysis

Email them at to share your queries about online market research.

IMRB International

IMRB International is located in Mumbai, India. They are part of WPP Company which has a presence in approximately 100 different countries around the world. Founded in 1971, Preeti Reddy and Kalpana Sitaraman are the founders of this company. The headquarters of IMRB is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Not just one of the most affordable online research companies in India but it also has a good assortment of services to offer.  

Task Virtual

Kolkata-based Task Virtual was started by two friends in 2015. They have a small team of 9 professionals that provides diverse online market research services. Below are the services provided by Task Virtual:

  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Virtual Personal Assistant 
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Data Management Services
  • Web Technology
  • IT Support Services

Get in touch with Task Virtual to discuss your online research and growth goals. 

Market research companies india

RNB Research

Established in 1995, RNB Research is certified marketing research and data collection company based in Delhi, India. They also have branches in countries like China, Thailand, Russia, and the Philippines. 

RNB Research is said to be one of the top five online research companies in India. Mr. P Kumar is the key personality behind the online research firm that has made a name in the field of digital research in India.


In For Growth is a Pune-based company founded in 2018. They have a team of 20+ experts working in the field of online market research. InForGrowth specializes in diverse industries including:

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Consumer good and retail
  • Healthcare
  • Travel, leisure, and hospitality
  • Chemicals and materials
  • Energy and power

TNS India Private Limited

TNS India Private Limited company was established in 1997. They also have headquarters in countries like London, and the UK to support international operations. 

Founded in 1192, TNS India Private Limited focuses on supporting businesses with data mining, research, technology support, and data analysis.

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Market research companies india


Bangalore-based Broadnection was founded in 2017. A team of 10+ professionals, it’s working in the field of online market research and data analysis. In addition to online research, it also helps businesses with:

  • Public relations
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital marketing
  • Website development
  • Application development

IDC India

Started in 1964, IDC India is a seasoned market research company in India. While the agency is mainly USA-based, it has been serving Indian businesses with its vast range of market research services for quite some time. 

Stationed in Delhi, IDC is currently one of the top companies dominating the field of online market research. This premium online research company caters to big business houses and enterprises of India.  

SPER Market Research PVT. LTD.

Located in Noida, SPER Market Research PVT. LTD. was founded in 2015. They have 50+ professionals who provide online market research and also marketing strategy services. 

Having served 20+ industries including cosmetics, healthcare, herbal, dental health, and information technology, SPER Market Research PVT. LTD. believes in building long-lasting relationships with clients. 

Kerkar Media Private Limited

Founded in 2017, Kerkar Media Private Limited is a full-service digital research agency based out of Mumbai. They have a team of 25+ experts working hard to help clients gain deep data and market insights. 

Below are the in-demand services of Kerkar Media Private Limited:

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Digital strategy
  • PPC
  • Market research 
Market research companies india

Market research companies in India

The above listed are the top online and offline market research companies in India. The majority of the above-listed firms cater to established businesses and big enterprises. That’s why they charge a premium price for their services.
At Upreports, we believe in rendering affordable online market research services in India to small and midsize businesses active globally. Have questions in mind? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from industry experts.

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