Mobile App Development Course in Pathankot: 3-month Program

In 2023, we introduced our digital marketing course in Pathankot and many students as well as professionals have started their career in SEO, content, and social media with our help. 

In 2024, we have come up with a mobile app development course in Pathankot for students interested in exploring the world of mobile applications. Our team decided to introduce this course because a lot of youngsters were interested in learning how to make apps for Andriod and iOS devices. 

If you are a BCA, MCA or BTech CS student, this app development course is perfect for you. For this app development course in Pathankot, we have partnered with an X Infosys engineer who has over 12 years of experience in building mobile apps.

Here are all the details of the PTK program offered by Upreports: 

App Development Course in Pathankot: Program details

In this dynamic course, we will provide you with a solid foundation in React Native apps, as it is the most popular JavaScript framework for building native mobile applications on both Android and iOS. 

The course will bring both theoretical as well as practical coding session to make that your learning experience is fulfilling. 

Mobile App Development Program in PTK: Duration 

The duration of our hybrid app development course is 3 months. Within this duration, you will learn 50+ React native components and different critical aspects of hybrid app development, including JavaScript, react native components, debugging and testing, creating clean and efficient codes, Navigation, and deployment. 

App Dev Course Curriculum 

Our app development course curriculum will cover almost everything required to launch a business app on iOS and Android. Here are the major components you will learn from our app development course: 

React Native 

 – React Native – Overview

 – React Native – Environment Setup on (Windows/Mac Apple) Laptops 

 – React Native – Skeleton App Creation /build/run with CLI Commands

 – React Native – State 

 – React Native – Props 

 – React Native – Class component 

 – React Native – Function Component 

 – React Native – Component lifeCycle 

 – React Native – Styling 

 – React Native – Flexbox -covers all phone screens (iPhone all models, Android, iPads, tablets)

 – React Native – ListView

 – React Native – TextInput 

 – React Native – ScrollView

 – React Native – Images

 – React Native – HTTP(Axios, Fetch APIs)

 – React Native – Buttons

 – React Native – Animations

 – React Native – Debugging

 – React Native – Router

 – React Native – Running iOS

 – React Native -Running Android 

 – React Native -View

 – React Native – Webview

 – React Native – Modal

 – React Native – ActivityIndicator

 – React Native – Picker (date, data)

 – React Native –  Status Bar

 – React Native – Switch

 – React Native – Text

 – React Native – Alert 

 – React Native – Geolocation

 – React Native – AsyncStorage

 – React Native – Creating Forms 

 – React Native – Redux

– React Native – Custom/Re-Use Controls how we can create 

– React Native mobile Application final mobile App on Android and iOS (Final Project run on Phone)

App Development Course Pre-Requirements

We are here to get you started from scratch but if you have basic knowledge of the below programming functions, the learning will be faster! That’s why we recommend BCA, MCA, or BTech (CS) students to join this course in Pathankot!

Basic knowledge of C, C++, and Java-Script along with know-how on: 

– Operators

– Statements – if,if-else, while,do-while, for,for-each

– Functions

– Error handling

– Class, Objects 

– Enum

– Arrow Functions

– Promises, Callback functions 

– Sync, Async, Await, Multi-function

– Basics of ES6 Advance Javascript.

App Development course in Pathankot: Pricing

Start your career as an app developer or freelancer at 25000 INR only. Learn app development basics and all the core concepts of React Native from an experienced app programmer based out of Pathankot. 

App dev program trainer insights

To conduct the React Native app development course in Pathankot, Upreports has partnered with an experienced React Native developer that has worked with companies like Infosys for over 13 years now. 

Using his vast app development experience, he can help you pick core app development concepts in a short span of time and guide your learning in your native language.  

Please note that joining this course requires a laptop on which you will perform the programming tasks. No laptop or computer will be provided from Upreports Pathankot.  

About Upreports Infotech, India

Upreports Infotech is a leading digital marketing and designing company headquartered in Chandigarh with a branch office in Pathankot. While working for global clients, we have commenced the journey of providing specialized and skill development training to students, freshers, and working professionals in Punjab. With an aim to help PTK students acquire technology skills, we plan to launch more courses in coming months as well. While Upreports Infotech has been rendering web design and digital marketing services since 2016, we have started on a hybrid mobile app development course journey in Pathankot recently. 

We specialize in a vast range of digital growth services that include SEO, social media, brand building, online reputation management, paid advertising, growth consultation, and much more. 

Browse our website to learn more about us.

Start Your App Developer Career in Pathankot 

There is massive demand for app developers professionals in Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Gurugram, and other major cities of India. That’s because big enterprises as well as small companies are realizing the benefits of having a powerful mobile application. 

 Enroll in our Hybrid mobile app development Course today and elevate your career to the next level while staying in Pathankot.

In case you wish to join us for college internships and 1-month training, we are currently accepting candidates interested in paid opportunities. Email to inquire about offline mobile app development training in Pathankot. Or check out the recent blogs we have wrote to come across our expertise: 

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