How Much SEO Costs in 2024? India, US, UK Pricing Included

Note: This blog on how much SEO costs in India, the US, the UK, and other countries was last updated on May 15, 2024, to include new pricing, insights, and data. Happy reading!

We have a feeling that you’ve already researched a lot about “how much SEO cost in India ?” We are also 99% sure that you have not yet got the answer you are looking for! We wish we could tell you that you have to pay XYZ amount for SEO services in India, the US, or the UK but sadly, it’s more complicated than that. 

It is indeed hard to estimate how much SEO costs in India, the US, the UK, or any other country since there is no standard pricing in this marketing service segment. What we can do is give you a ballpark figure of different countries and share factors that will impact the final SEO pricing Before we get to how much SEO costs in 2024, let’s understand: 

Why it’s hard to estimate monthly SEO costs?

SEO is hard to price precisely because SEO is not a commodity, it’s a service. There is no “one size fits all” SEO program. Each business has unique goals and requires unique SEO efforts to meet them. Hence, the SEO cost in 2024 will depend on what comes together to make your ‘monthly SEO deliverables’.

By monthly SEO deliverables, we mean a quick detail of all the SEO-related work that will be done every month for you. Here’s how monthly SEO deliverables for a small business will look like:

  • 4 blogs per month
  • 100 backlinks
  • Management of 3 social media pages (4 updates per week)
  • Digital media creation (2 per month)
  • 10 community and forum engagements 
  • Sharing in social groups 
  • 5 microblogs 
  • Google Maps listing management
  • More

In short, the bigger the above list grows, the bigger will be your monthly SEO pricing. 

SEO package price

How much SEO costs: Influencing factors

Many factors come together to determine how much SEO services cost in India, the USA, the UK, or any other country every month.

Let’s list the most critical ones: 

  • Size of your business: A small business with a 10 to 15-page website will typically be on the lower end of the cost spectrum, while an eCommerce store with 500+ products typically will have to plan on a larger budget for SEO services. Small businesses can choose to spend more too if they need quick results though. 
  • Competition in your niche: SEO for a coffee shop in a small suburban town with less competition might shoot the site to the top of local rankings in a small spend. The same tune-up for an identical shop in a major metropolis with significant competition will require more effort and time. 
  • Existing digital presence: If you’re just starting with a brand-new website with zero domain authority and no rankings to speak of, expect to pay more. Even if your website is technically perfect, an outdated and slow website can outrank you because the older site has a robust and hard-earned back-link profile.  
  • Extent of services you need: Managing more things means you’ll have to pay more. Remember the monthly deliverables? Yes, this is exactly that! Expect to spend some extra pounds if you want your SEO partner to take care of tons of things. 
  • The agency you hire:  You’ll have to pay more if you hire a premium marketing agency rather than an affordable one. By doing some planned research, you can hire a reputed yet affordable digital marketing & growth agency to win SEO.
  • Location of your SEO partner: The cost you are going to pay for SEO also depends on the location of the agency you are partnering with. If your SEO agency is located in New York, they are going to charge more because living costs are huge there. If you hire someone from India, well, you can save almost 50% of the money. 
  • Result expectations: Some businesses want to see results in less than a year while others don’t mind waiting longer. Those in a hurry should prepare to pay a bigger monthly SEO fee since fast SEO results require more effort in terms of link building, content, and overall branding. 

Keep all these factors in mind when researching the right SEO agency or expert for your business. Keeping the above insights in mind will help you get SEO services at reasonable pricing whether you are in the U.K., U.S., or India.

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Let’s show you some numbers so that you can get a better idea of how much SEO costs in India and in other countries. 

SEO Services Costing in 2024

While SEO services can be availed at a monthly retainer or hourly fee, most business owners go for monthly packages. Here’s 2024 updated SEO pricing from leading countries: 

Hourly and Monthly SEO packages in the USA

  • Small business SEO packages will cost between $1000-$3,000/month based on the scope of the project.
  • For per hour, expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $100 for SEO services if you’re planning to get quality work done. 

Hourly and monthly SEO prices in India

  • An experienced SEO company in India normally charges between $750 to $1500 per month for a comprehensive SEO package. 
  • Expect to pay an hourly rate between $35-70 for quality SEO work.

Hourly and monthly SEO costing in the UK

  • You should expect to pay around £1000 – £2000 per month for someone reliable. 
  • Expect to pay an SEO professional an hourly rate starting at around £60 and up to £120 for an SEO agency.

The above data must have given you some idea of how much you should budget for SEO services or how much SEO costs globally. 

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Upreports’ SEO Prices and Packages in 2024

Team Upreports is currently handling search visibility for small businesses as well as big brands. Our clients are based in the USA, China, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and India as well. Here are our SEO costing insights:  

  • Upreports’ monthly SEO packages start at USD 700. Currently, we don’t offer per-hour pricing for SEO assignments. 
  • Task-based SEO pricing depends on the work in question. 
  • We offer monthly packages uniquely customized to each client’s needs and industry.
  • We promise transparency in pricing by working with a comprehensive Deliverables sheet.
  • Quality SEO services will give measurable results in the short and long run.
  • Flexibility in SEO packages with the complete scope of customization.

Being the top SEO services provider in India, Upreports helps businesses and entrepreneurs claim top visibility by using a mix of best SEO practices, marketing tools, analytics expertise, and creativity. We offer advanced SEO services that are tailored to the unique nature of your business. 

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Now that we have shared how much SEO costs in 2024, let’s look at the pricing models followed by SEO agencies across the world. 

SEO Pricing Models in 2024

Task-based SEO pricing: This SEO pricing model allows clients to pay a set fee for specific SEO services. If a client only needs help with on-page SEO and has everything else figured out, then she has to pay just for this service.  

In case you are looking for complete outsourcing of all aspects of your search campaigns, then monthly pricing is best for you. This will get you an entire team to take care of your SEO goals. Of course, you will be paying a bigger fee. 

Monthly SEO Pricing: This is perhaps the most popular pricing model in the U.S. and India. In this SEO pricing model, clients pay a monthly fee to an SEO service provider for managing their campaigns from end to end. It is a long-term partnership. Most companies go for this option when they need to outsource SEO completely. 

In comparison to one-time SEO services, a monthly SEO plan streamlines your search engine efforts and positions you for long-term victory.

Hourly fee: Hourly pricing refers to a contract in which the client pays the SEO agency an hourly fee in exchange for their SEO services. It is rarely used in SEO projects since SEO requires long-term efforts and hourly pricing turns out to be an expensive affair. However, monthly budgets are defined by taking into consideration hours dedicated every month to the project.

Lump-sum fee: This model is usually followed by SEO freelancers and rarely by small SEO agencies for cash-strapped clients who cannot afford to spend monthly and want a one-time deal. Business owners who are not familiar with the functions of SEO are often tricked into using this model and promised first-page visibility. It won’t be wrong to consider the lump sum SEO fee as a red flag! 

Understand your business requirements and choose a plan accordingly. It’s also important to remember that no matter what plan you choose, SEO takes time. You won’t see results overnight. Top SEO leaders state that it takes at least one year for a new website to see significant results.

:SEO cost in India

Things to Check Before Hiring SEO Firms in 2024

Check Reputation: A reputed SEO company will have positive client feedback and testimonials across the web. Go through them to get to know what other people think of the SEO agency. If there are a lot of negative reviews, think twice before hiring.  

Ask for case studies: Ask your to-be SEO company to give you examples of their SEO work including reports and case studies that show an increase in traffic from search engines. In the UK, USA, Australia and India, top-rated SEO companies have detailed case studies to show. Here are case studies from Upreports.  

Ask for client references: Asking for client references should be on your checklist. This will help you know if their previous or current clients are happy with their work or not. If the potential SEO partner couldn’t even share a couple of references, you have every reason to move on with your research.

Question them thoroughly: Make a list of all the SEO questions to share with shortlisted SEO companies. Schedule a call with the senior SEO experts at the agency to cross-check their expertise. If the answers seem vague and confidence seems lacking, it is time to keep looking!

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Ensure the use of white hat SEO: Make sure that your SEO company uses white hat techniques to achieve rankings. The black hat technique may improve your website ranking in a short period but it will not last long and will also get your website blacklisted from Google. 

Ask for deliverables & reports: What are the exact deliverables of our SEO engagement? Will you provide monthly reports to show progress and work done? Such questions should be part of your SEO questionnaire. 

Dodge the cheap trap:  If an SEO agency or consultant gives a cheap quote without going through your website, goals, and current performance, be very scared and end the discussion right away! Modern SEO is not dirt cheap; whosoever says otherwise should be immediately distanced. 

SEO Trends for 2024

First-hand experience (the new “E” in E-EAT)

E-A-T – a critical ranking factor – stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The additional “E” in E-A-T represents first-hand experience. This means that content that reflects real-world, firsthand knowledge and experiences tends to be given more weight by search engines.

Audience-targeted content:

Rather than creating content solely to attract high traffic, the SEO focus must shift towards creating content that specifically targets and addresses the needs and interests of a particular audience. This is crucial to win the SEO race in 2024! 

Increased emphasis on author authority:

Search engines are placing more importance on the authority of the content creator or author. Authors who are recognized as experts in their field are likely to have their content ranked more favorably. 

 Satisfying, helpful content:

Search engines are becoming more adept at understanding the quality of content and how well it satisfies user intent. Content that provides genuine value, answers user queries effectively, and is deemed helpful is more likely to rank higher.

FAQs about SEO & its Pricing 

Here are some frequently asked questions that business owners often ask SEO experts!

How much should I pay for SEO? 

Your SEO budget depends on your business needs and goals. Cost highly depends on factors like competition, location of the service provider, existing status, and other factors documented above. Email us at for an exact SEO cost idea!

When will SEO results come up?

 Modern SEO takes time. It takes time to research your market and industry. It takes time to build backlinks. It takes time to produce quality content. Google also takes time to recognize the changes in your website and assign the authority it deserves.  Be patient, results will show up but definitely not in one month. At least 8 months are obligatory. 

Check out this blog to discover 7 more SEO questions that are frequently asked by SEO clients across the world.  

What’s most important in SEO?

Link building and content are the most important aspects of SEO right now.

What’s the minimum I can spend on SEO?

There is no minimum in SEO since task-based SEO is an option. However, if we speak of packages offered by reputed SEO agencies, 750 USD is the minimum.

SEO Pricing in 2024 

In today’s competitive world, businesses simply cannot do without digital marketing and SEO. Search engine optimization and marketing increase your digital visibility and generate business mileage in the long run. If you want to position your business for long-term success, you need to partner with the right team of SEO experts and digital marketers. 

We – at Upreports – are committed to empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs. Please email us at to discuss your SEO goals and get a unique SEO plan at an affordable price for your business! We promise marketing-free advice to scale your business in the digital realm!

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