Your Facebook page can sell too – Optimize it with our guide

Facebook is the big daddy of social networks. Whether you deal in real estate or birthday cakes, your audience is on it waiting to buy and engage. But just create a Facebook page for your business won’t cut the deal. You got to take the right steps to generate sales, traffic, and leads from Facebook.

This is why we decided to create this actionable Facebook guide for businesses of all sizes. Read on and discover Facebook tips, tricks and ideas for business mileage:

Page optimization

In today’s competitive environment, businesses should focus on bringing as many assets in search results as possible. That’s why we recommend spending time in optimizing your Facebook page by working on:

  • About Us section
  • Image optimization
  • Theme optimization
  • Post optimization

Add most valuable business keywords in the Facebook’s company description. For post optimization, use industry relevant and popular keywords. Also, use features like Check In and Tagging to improve post engagement.

This will make your Facebook page more relevant in the eyes of Google.

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Post diversification

Your 10K Facebook followers don’t matter if no one likes, comments, and shares your posts. That’s why we encourage brands to think about post diversification while thinking Facebook optimization for business.

Here’s a list of ideas for Facebook post planning:

  • Motivational quotes
  • Location/industry trivia
  • Local news and updates
  • Reviews sharing
  • Staff clicks
  • Educational resources

This will make your Facebook page most valuable in the eyes of your audience.

Audience building

If you have a Facebook page with low following and engagement, then, you will have to find people that matter to you and build a strong virtual bond with them. This can be achieved by:

  • Direct conversations in relevant groups
  • Resource sharing
  • Online event and contests
  • Use of real images

This will not only improve traffic to your Facebook page and website but also start word-of-mouth for your business. And there is nothing better than that, be it local or international business.

Your Facebook page deserves attention at least 4 days a week if you really want to make an impact. Anything less than that would lessen your brand’s mind recall.

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