The Free Trap – Why You Should be Afraid?

There are service providers that can’t stop blabbering about the free consultation. Then, there are some who give away free software, ebooks and goodies.  At UpReports, we don’t believe in ‘Free’ and think it rarely works for the ones at the receiving end.

In fact, we think you should be wary of anything on the internet that carries the ‘Free’ tag. Here are the reasons why Team UpReports thinks so:

It could be a trick

Free is probably the oldest trick in the book of product marketers and brands across the world. Free makes you stop, take a look, make hasty calculations, and see if it makes sense or not. Free is mostly fine for everyday products (ones in your neighborhood stores) but when it comes to software and services, you got to be very careful.

Watch out for the ‘free trap’ while browsing the internet for anything that’s delivered and consumed through the web.

Sales gimmicks galore

The free trial is our favorite. Once you opt for it and share your card details, going back isn’t easy. Sometimes, you forget to cancel the subscription before the free trial ends. Sometimes, the process is too complicated. We have seen many complain about the memberships they never wanted in the first place but got because of the free trap.

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Suggestion – Share your card info only if you see yourself using the product in the long run.

Risk is huge

The internet is not the nicest place in the world. If a digital product comes from someone with no authority, it might bring a lot of baggage (performance issues and hack attacks). Even if the Santa has the reputation, freebies usually come with a catch which the buyer doesn’t sign for (personal data that could end up for sale).

Whosoever said, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ was a wise soul indeed. So, our tip for you is, ‘be wary of downloading free software from shady websites. You could end up losing more than gaining.’

It might be half good

Very few digital companies that claim to help their audience actually create in-depth DIY content. Most just share enough to grab your attention and want you to pay for more. Be it blogs or tutorials, the majority of them share the same old tips, ideas, and techniques. This is a chronic in web services industry.

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In other words, no one got perfect at something by reading a free ebook. Almost everything awesome out there has a price tag.

Above are the reasons why UpReports decided to drop the free game from the very beginning. Our team of professionals is best at what they do and we charge a decent amount for it.

However, Team UpReports doesn’t mind sharing words of advice. Our team is active on social media and frequently disperses its insights. But as we said, we shy away from waving the free flags.

We think all of us will be better off if we go by this rule. Got something to say? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Got something to say? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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