40 Business Recovery & Growth Tips for During & After Lockdown

Businesses all around the globe are facing the effects of lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Sooner or later the situation will be controlled but businesses who are proactively working for a bounce-back will be on the brighter edge.

It’s therefore the right time to start working on your business strategy for growth after the lockdown ends.

In this post, Upreports will share pro business recovery and growth tips to help the business recover faster during as well as after the lockdown ends. Let’s read the tip #1

#1 Get active on social media – There are approximately 3.80 billion social media users worldwide. Social media platforms give the power to reach potential customers by creating ace content. Share your products, blogs, videos, and website links for recovery during and after lockdown.

#2 Define a paid budget– Paid campaigns are one of the easiest ways to reach potential customers. By creating an aggressive paid campaign, you can reach potential customers by spending some bucks that’ll pay off later.

#3 Look at your cash flow: Your bank balance will help you to manage the expenses that you have to pay for salary and other expenses. Always make sure that you have enough cash to survive before making big decisions about your business and your employees.

#4 Build awareness – Studies have proved that customers love to buy from businesses that share knowledge. Businesses have access to the contact information of the clients. Create awareness about Coronavirus and how you are trying to fight with this epidemic lockdown.

#5 Create content –  Due to lockdown, people are spending more time on the internet. Create content for your website and other platforms. For a quick recovery during and after the lockdown ends, hire a team of experienced content creators.

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#6 Relationship with customers – Your relationship with the customers matters a lot for the recovery of your business. Try to stay in touch through social media, live video, and blogging. Once this lockdown is over, customers will trust the businesses that share regular updates.

#7 Launch gift cards –  We all love gift cards, isn’t it true? Send gift cards to your customers to attract them. Start the timer on selected products to convince them to buy. This is an old technique but every recovery tip is helpful when the lockdown will end.

#8 Behind the scenes –  Share behind the scene videos to let customers know how you are working to upgrade the premises. Keep your working area clean and share pictures on your website and social media platforms for a quick recovery after the lockdown ends.

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#9 Maintain hygiene– People are not gonna buy from you if they don’t trust you. Share how you are sanitizing your products to maintain hygiene. Make changes in the policy and share it with your audience how you are trying to let your employees use sanitizers regularly.

#10 Launch a YouTube channel – Launch your YouTube channel to create awareness about COVID-19 and share videos on our social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. It will help build your brand’s visual identity faster than before!

Watch below video to learn how to create YouTube video for business.

#11 Invest in Digital marketing –  Stop blaming lockdown for no sales! Take this as an opportunity and invest in digital marketing to bounce back. As discussed above, hire a team of skilled and experienced professionals to help you recover during and after lockdown.

#12 Plan Webinars –  Video content is always more effective.  Host webinars to connect with your audience. Try to build a strong relationship with them to turn the existing ones into permanent buyers.

#13 Use a team management software: If your team is working from home, using a team management software will help you to get in touch with them easily. These softwares are relevant for service-focused businesses. This will help you simplify work from home and will help you to recover fast from this epidemic disaster.

#14 Think about after-lockdown Discounts – To get something you have to give something in return. Offer discounts on your selected products and share discounted items on your website and other social media profiles to get more engagement.

#15 Start blogging –  Lockdown is giving you the time to start blogging regularly. If you are new to blogging and don’t know how to create a perfect blog. Collaborate with a team to write blogs for you to get more engagement and traffic.

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#16 Invest in Local SEO –  Due to the lockdown, it’s difficult to build a relationship with global customers. Target local buyers to trigger sales. It’s perfect for you if you invest in a reputed and experienced local SEO service.

learn basics and importance of Local SEO.

#17 Motivate employees –  Talk to your employees daily to keep them motivated and dedicated to the business. This will encourage your employees to play a big role in quick recovery after the lockdown.

#18 Analyze competitors –  Never take your competitors easy. Track what they are doing for recovery during and after the lockdown. Find what is missing in their content and learn from their mistakes.

#19 Start home deliveries –  The government is giving passes to the daily needs stores. Start home deliveries to your customers. This will not help you save more bucks but it will build a strong relationship with the customers and they will start trusting you.

#20 Give employees flexibility–  Your employees know more about your business as they daily work on it. Discuss with them which changes will help you get more customers. Give them the flexibility to search for ways of getting fast recovery.

#21 Conduct Online meetings –  Your employees have worked with you in hard and good times. Start online meetings and discuss with them about the tips to recover from lockdown for a quick recovery. Help your employees in a financial way to make a stronger bond with them.

business recovery after lockdown

#22 Employee safety –  Make sure that your employees are available to return to work after the lockdown ends. If your office and employees are not safe then there is no chance of quick recovery from this epidemic disaster.

#23 Give Early bird discount and sell pre-orders –  Giving early bird discounts to your customers during lockdown will help you recover early. This will help you bring traffic to your website during the lockdown and increase sales.

#24 Take photos –  Take photos of your damaged products to claim for the insurance before cleaning the space. If you don’t have insurance for your products or company, taking pictures will give you an estimate of how much damage you have faced due to lockdown.

#25 Go Live on social media –  The recovery of your business depends on your customers. Communicate with your customers by going live on social media and share tips with them on how to survive and encourage them to stay at home. Tell them which steps you are taking to make the shipping of products safe.

business recovery after lockdown

#26 Make plans in advance –  Don’t waste your time after the lockdown ends. Start making decisions to get a quick recovery. Make plans in advance which steps you are going to follow after the lockdown ends.

Check this Coronavirus business recovery plan guide to bounce back better!

#27 Start accepting Digital payments –  Start accepting digital payments to make it easy for your customers to pay. Don’t know how to use the online payment method? Search on YouTube to learn through videos and let your customers pay you through digital marketing to make safe easy payments.

#28 Identify and eliminate weaknesses –  You have the time to eliminate the weakness of your business. Take your time and consult with your employees about the weakness in your business and try to eliminate them all for a quick recovery.

#29 Care for valuable assets –  To recover from this epidemic disaster, taking care of your most valuable assets is compulsory. Keep check on the workspace and plan new things to make sure that everything is going under control.

#30 Connect with top clients –  Share pictures and stories of your top clients on your social media profiles to show the bond between you and your customers. Consult with your customers before sharing their stories and pictures on social media.

business recovery after lockdown

#31 Reconnect with old clients: Your old customers are one of the most important assets of your business. Try to connect with them and share what steps you are following for your customer’s safety. Ask them to share tips on what changes they want to see in your business.

#32 Micro-influencers–  Hire micro-influencers from TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube to promote your business on their personal profile to get more engagement. Their followers will trust them easily and this will help in your business recovery after the lockdown ends.

#33 Run a FB & IG campaign –  Run an online campaign to connect with your target audience. Facebook and Instagram are popular platforms for online campaigns. These campaigns cost low and are very beneficial for the recovery of the business.

Learn how to make an impact on leading social media channels with our marketing visual guide!

#34 Connect through email –  You have the email of your customers, now it’s time to share with them what changes you have made to make sure that customers are getting products with proper safety. Share with them every change that you have made, be it a little or a big one.

#35 Create new assets:  Focus on creating new assets like case studies to maximize your reach on social media platforms. If you are using major social media platforms for your business, make profiles on popular social media platforms to reach more audiences as there are millions of users active daily on social media platforms.

#36 Improve your website – It is possible that earlier you didn’t have time to enhance your website. Use the lockdown to improve it and make it up to date. Add new content in your website to make it more eye-catchy for the visitors. Visit the website of your competitors to find what they are doing right and you are not.

business recovery after lockdown

#37 Write a COVID-19 company letter – Write a letter on behalf of your employees and your company to make sure that your customers know what safety precautions you are following. Share a letter on the top of your website homepage to make it easy for your audience to find that letter.

Hire a  team of content creators if you want to write a perfect letter to apologize to your customers about the late shipping of the products. Hire a firm to streamline marketing and content!

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# 38Keep customers aware about evolving situations- Improve your products and services! For contact based businesses, it will become important to improve products as per new hygiene and sanitation standards.

Business recovery tips – endnote

Lockdown has adversely affected us all, be it small businesses or multinational firms. But by following recovery tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to hold a significant number of existing customers and also attract new ones during and after the lockdown!

Upreports is always looking to rescue businesses in hard times like these. If you are looking for a strategy to secure your business in lockdown, email us at hello@upreports.com and we will help you to recover faster!
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