How to Increase Organic Traffic Fast: Free Tips and Hacks

Website owners interested in more sales, leads, and traffic often think about increasing organic traffic fast. While it’s easily thought than done, there are ways to improve your organic traffic through highly targeted SEO strategies. And today, we are here to share the same.

Upreports – trusted for SEO services in India – decided to create this blog and share tips with business owners and entrepreneurs interested in improving the organic traffic of their websites in a short span of time.

Let’s start!

Note: These organic traffic boost tips are relevant for websites that already have a decent domain authority and backlinks base. Completely new websites can take a longer time to increase organic traffic.

Tips to increase organic traffic

Below are SEO tips and ideas that will help you in improving the organic traffic of your website fast: 

Target long-tail keywords: Keywords with more than two words are known as long-tail keywords. Businesses that have been focusing only on short high competition keywords should consider including long-tail keywords in their SEO strategy. 

Use tools like Uber Suggest and Ahrefs to find the relevant long-tail keywords for your business. They have less competition and are easier to rank. Long-tail keywords also help in creating compelling blog posts and web pages. 

Organic traffic for website

Create longer content pieces: “Content is King” but almost everyone serious about online sales is creating it. Therefore, it is hard for websites to rank higher on search engines while creating short blogs and product pages with lean content. 

If your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to create longer content pieces, then, consider hiring affordable content creators in India. They will get the job done and help you hit bigger content goals every month at a small monthly fee. 

Nail On-page SEO: Also known as on-site SEO, it is the practice of making SEO-friendly changes in web pages to rank higher on search engines. A lot of times, businesses keep dedicating efforts to SEO with weak on-page work. This stops their website from reaching its true potential. 

Target unique keywords from every web page by optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, Meta details, URLs, internal linking, and page content. This will give a massive boost to your organic traffic if your website already has decent traffic and authority. 

Tap social media: There are over 4.55 billion active social media users worldwide in 2022 and the numbers are increasing every year. Social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit can help widen the reach of your best content and products. 

While this is not an organic traffic medium per se, the social signals are an SEO factor and can help boost your overall ranking. Use stories, live videos, and messaging features to improve the traffic to your website.

Organic traffic for website

Build quality backlinks: Everyone builds backlinks to improve rankings but very few focus on quality backlinks. Most SEOs focus on directory submissions, profile creation, and social bookmarking. Building your complete SEO strategy around these won’t increase your organic traffic fast. 

Try to acquire at least 10-15 quality backlinks every month. While doing that, keep building the average ones. This will give a massive boost to your organic traffic within a couple of months. 

Focus on local SEO: This is super important for local businesses trying to rank for location-focused business keywords (Like plumber in Atlanta). Businesses that have a physical location can take a lot of benefit from this tip.

Create a business profile on Google My Business and add every detail about your business to it. You can also publish updates on your GMB profile. After listing on GMB, also target business listing and review sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angi, and Foursquare.

Go for smart internal linking: Internal linking is hugely underrated in the SEO world. However, it is the easiest method to give a boost to new web pages (blogs, product pages, service pages, etc.). The benefit however will come when you will use the right anchor text. 

Jump into Search Console to identify keywords for which you rank in lower pages or positions. Start internal linking with this knowledge in mind and the same will help increase organic traffic for your website. Image links, footer links, navigational links, and contextual links are also very important. Make sure you get them right too.

Prove your authority: Google loves real businesses and is willing to give them their share of mileage. All you need to do is prove the same through website indicators. Add the following to your website to gain real business credit from the search giant: 

  • Mention address and contact details 
  • Link active social media profiles. Embed feeds if possible 
  • Create pages like Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions 
  • Create About Us, Team, and Partnership pages 
Organic traffic for website

Push more fresh content: Publishing 4 blogs in a month won’t cut it if you want to increase organic traffic quickly. Try to double the number of blogs, guides, media, and resources you are hitting right now. This will earn you bonus points from Google and your ranking as well as traffic will jump. 

Hire Upreports to improve organic traffic fast

We hope that the above post will help you improve the organic traffic of your website in short span of time. In case all of this seems a little overwhelming, hire top online marketers in India to improve the ranking and organic traffic of your website.

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