Facebook Content Strategy 2019 – Best Social Media Tips & Ideas

Creating the perfect Facebook content strategy is not easy. Millions of businesses spend thousands of dollars every month into Facebook to generate sales, traffic, and leads. But obviously not all of them are accomplishing their online marketing goals.

Founded in 2004, Facebook is used by approximately 1.52 billion users daily to:

  • Stay connected with loved ones
  • Discover valuable content
  • engage with brands
  • Keep an eye on global happenings
  • Share their likes, dislikes and opinions

Creating unique content strategy for Facebook makes sense because it has an engaged audience. Before moving ahead, let’s take a closer look at the Facebook audience:      

Facebook Audience & Users:

Nearly  88% of Facebook users age between 18-29. Surprisingly, women tend to beat men in the competition. 88% of women have social media presence on Facebook as compared to 76% of men.

Need more data? Here’s you go!

76% of adults daily use Facebook. The total number of online mobile active users is more than 1.5 billion! An average user has more than 150 friends on facebook. No doubt, it is a really big social platform!

Facebook was created in the US but, more than 85% of its social traffic comes outside Canada and America. Facebook’s largest audience comes from India with over 270 million users followed by 210 million users from the US. No wonder, Facebook is on the mind of marketers and business owners even after so many years.

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Now that we know why Facebook holds such stronghold, let’s underline how to create a powerful social media content strategy for Facebook.

Facebook Content Strategy – Important Considerations

Audience Analysis

For businesses active in different industries, audience and their motivations differ. Hence, before creating a Facebook content strategy, it pays to look at your audience. Figuring out demographic data related to gender, education, and age will greatly determine the type of content that will get maximum response.

Post Frequency

When it comes to Facebook, one update per day is something every business or brand can pull off. More than that will depend on the type of industry you are active in. A wedding planning agency can push 2-3 updates every day without making their followers frown. However, an LED company should limit the updates to 1 only. So, it is best to think twice before going aggressive with multiple FB updates.

Content Type

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to content: what your audience wants and what will get more engagement. More than 54% of the audience on Facebook likes to read articles. 58% of them like watching videos related to DIY crafts and memes. People likes and share posts that they feel relevant to them, and it is a good consideration for businesses to create targeted content.

Hashtag Considerations

Facebook post with hashtags has double engagement than posts with no hashtags. This Facbook consideration begin with Twitter but now has helped almost every social media platform to gain audience and expand business. There should be limited but relevant hashtags in your facebook post. Between 3-5 hashtags is an effective number to widen reach of your social media content.

Mobile Considerations

Maximum people use mobile phones to check out their Facebook updates. Everyday, more than 989 million users access Facebook via mobile phones and the number is increasing. With features like Facebook stories, people can share their status, photos, and live videos anytime with anyone from their smartphones. Some use Facebook Messenger to send text messages with smiley and emoticons. The Facebook content strategy tip here is that all your content should be mobile-ready.

Content Branding

Facebook has countless communities and pages with large number of followers. These Facebook communities are playing role of discussion forums where opinions are made, questions asked, products sold, and feedback gathered. It is possible that your content will trickle down to these communities. Therefore, your content must be branded correctly.

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By following above Facebook marketing considerations, businesses and marketers can come with a killer social media strategy in 2019. However, just above considerations are not enough to sell more and generate leads from Facebook.

Upreports have compiled pro-tips to effectively use Facebook to generate business mileage. By adding below content creation tips & marketing ideas to your Facebook marketing strategy, you can win the biggest social media platform in the world. PERIOD

Facebook for businesses: Marketing tips for 2019

  • More engagement over Facebook starts from Wednesday to Sunday. Increasing number of posts during this period will help generate sales, traffic and conversions. Keep this strategic
  • Avoid too much promotional content. Self glorification can annoy your Facebook followers and drive them away. Find the balance between informational and promotional content. Don’t ever forget this Facebook content strategy consideration!

Facebook strategy plan
  • Generate helpful & meaningful content for your followers. Visual content drives more engagement. Check from time to time whether you are creating value or just throwing offers.
  • Drive images in post for stronger engagement. Adding images/short videos brings more users. Not everybody has time to read every sentence you write. So, choose your words carefully.
  • Videos get 43% of social traffic on Facebook. A video is a great source of providing information about your brand or business. Create video content around your brand and make sure it’s personal.
  • Facebook advertising is an excellent way to give major boost to your best content, generate traffic, and get business leads. Give a simple Facebook boost by spending a dollar or create a detailed Facebook Adverts campaign.  

  • Don’t forget to frequently share links of your business assets like website, product catalog and other social platforms to drive visitors in the right direction. Remember, you are on Facebook to generate business mileage.
  • Go live to surprise your followers and build a strong personal content. It is the most effective way to communicate with the audience nowadays. Live content brings three times more engagement that posting an earlier recorded video.
  • Use Facebook Stories to share important moments with your followers. Use this feature to curate customer experiences and build a positive image around your business. A nice Facebook content creation strategy.
  • Quality of your content must be consistent. Keep yourself updated with what is currently in trend. Post and express your views in communities and groups to get your business noticed. This will also help you acquire more followers!  
Facebook strategy plan
  • Content is king, and creativity is his queen. So, don’t forget to make creativity part of your content creation and marketing strategy. If catering to youth, taking references from pop culture can generate returns.  

  • Content that drives action generates the best returns. Make sure that your Facebook updates encourage people to discover your best content, explore your products, or share what they are looking for.

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Facebook Content Strategy – Final words

Creating a practical Facebook marketing strategy is essential to realize full potential of your efforts. Creating a social media strategy for Facebook requires audience research, social media insights, engaging content, and also advertising knowhow. This is the reason why established businesses keep dedicated teams to manage and grow their online presence on Facebook and other popular social media channels.

Don’t have time to create unique content for your Facebook and other social profiles? Partner with our growth experts to deploy a unique social media strategy for Facebook.

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