Marketing for Event Planning Businesses: Blogging Special

Meetings and events account for $325 billion of direct spending in the USA alone. This shows the size of the global event planning industry and also how competitive it is. A lot of event planning firms are investing big on blogging in 2021 but not all of them are streamlining their marketing efforts the right way. That’s why we decided to create this post.

In this blog, Upreports – the leading digital marketing company in India –  will tell you about the ideas for promoting your event planning business via blogging. By following our proven blog marketing tips, you will be able to grow your client base and acquire more projects. 

Here are the best blog marketing hacks and ideas for the event planning businesses:

marketing for event planning

Marketing tips for event planning companies

Below tips will help events planning businesses market their businesses through blog marketing.

Create a publication schedule

Event planning businesses that post consistent content get as much as 30% more traffic for every blog they publish. Therefore, it is important to create a publication schedule. If you plan on publishing 4 to 6 blogs every month, stay consistent with the count for some months. 

Write high-quality content

We bet you must have heard about that quote “quality over quantity.” This quote is meant for every event planner who wants to generate business leads through blog marketing. 

Without quality content, your blog will not rank in the search engines. Focus on creating a couple of long-form blogs every month (1000+ words) to send the signal that you are committed to creating premium content. 

Focus on your audience

For every company on this planet, be it an event planner or a giant IT firm, there is a target audience. That’s why you need to research every detail about your audience. Learn what type of content gets more views and shares. Run a survey or gather client feedback and figure out what kind of blogs they would love to read. In short, thinking about your audience will help you grow traffic faster. 

marketing for event planning

Use relevant keywords

All your blog marketing efforts for the event business will go in vain if you won’t use the right keywords. Use keyword research tools like Uber Suggest and Google Search Console to find the right keywords for your next batch of articles. Make sure that you pick keywords with the low competition; it will help you rank easily! Try to use the most important keywords in every paragraph of your blog.

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Catchy titles and subheadings

A lot of us skip content that doesn’t grab our attention. And we all know that titles are read before anything else. Write an appealing title that brings the reader in to read your event planning blog. 

Majority of the content online is skimmed rather than read in full. So, you also have to be careful with subheadings. Make them catchy and easy to understand. Add the main keyword in your title and subheadings to make the post SEO friendly. 

Write what you know

Since you are planning to do marketing for your event planning business, it’s pretty obvious that you have deep know-how about your industry. So, why not start blog marketing with your current knowledge and expertise?

Create compelling content with what you know about events planning, execution, trends, guides, and everything else. Avoid writing about topics you are not familiar with.

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Keep it professional

Another important blog marketing tip for event planning businesses! No matter what you are writing about, spelling and grammar need to be on point. Online readers love to consume content that’s easy to understand. 

If you are targeting big businesses and top-level executives, the use of casual language and slang isn’t recommended! Read articles by top event planners in your industry to familiarize yourself with the trending style. 

Style it right

Font style, size, color, and other typography elements greatly influence visitor experience. Hence, choose the same with maximum caution. 

Add bullets, numbers, and text editing tools to make your event planning content look visually impressive. Google gives top priority to blogs that have a good flow and structure.

Use images and videos

Blogs having images and videos get more engagement and rank better as compared to blogs without them. Use high-quality images and videos to give your audience a neat visual experience during their reading session. 

Avoid using blur videos and pixelated images since they will spoil the visitor experience. 

marketing for event planning

Think social sharing

If you are creating amazing event planning content, there is a big chance that it will be shared on social media. So, adding social sharing links to your blogs is a good idea. To make sure that Facebook and Twitter fetch the posts correctly, make sure that you add the OG tags correctly! 

Also, link two of your social media pages in every blog to slowly convert your blog readers into social media followers. 

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Learn from mistakes

No one is perfect and mistakes are made all the time. This holds true with online marketing for meeting and event planning firms. Start learning from the mistakes you have made in the past while creating blogs and visual content.

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Above are the best tips for marketing an event planning business through blogging. Let’s quickly look at the benefits of investing time and money on online marketing for your wedding, birthday, meeting or corporate event planning business!

Marketing benefits for event planners 

Digital marketing has massive benefits for meeting and event planners. Here are the biggest ones:

Builds strong relations

Online marketing is the easiest way to stay connected with past and existing clients. This helps build stronger relationships and also get repeat event planning business by improving mind recall. 

Value creation

A lot of people use the internet to find answers to specific event planning queries. Digital marketing channels like blogging, social media, and QA platforms are an easy way to create value for such potential clients. 

Search presence

If your event planning blogs and how-to guides reach the top pages of Google, then, it will have a massive impact on engagement, traffic, and leads. If you don’t invest in digital marketing, well, your rivals will dominate the top searches!  

More leads

One of the major benefits of blog marketing is bringing more traffic to your event’s website. If you are investing in quality content, this will automatically lead to more event leads and client calls.

marketing for event planning

Marketing for event planning: Get help

The above tips are insights from Upreports that are already helping event planning firms get more event leads and projects. Blogging is just one channel to scale your events business online. Social media, SEO, branding, and visual media can also greatly help with leads boost. 

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