Future of Content- Insights to Become & Remain Relevant

The future of content is hard to predict but there certainly are patterns that give us a glimpse of where content creation and marketing are heading.

Content is important as it drives attention, creates brand awareness, and generates revenue when it is done in the right manner. You already know that. So, Upreports is not going to waste time underlining that.

In this blog, Upreports will show you how businesses can keep pace with changing content consumption habits and generate maximum value. 

Before jumping straight, let’s get a clear understanding of how content has changed in recent times.

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Future of content: Right now

5 years ago, gifs were not very popular. But today, they are cereal of youth.

Youtube wasn’t where we went to learn and get entertained like we do today.

Pocket – previously known as “Read It Later” – is an application gaining popularity. In this app, articles are being listened to rather than read. 

future of content

To understand the future of content, we got to start with the basics of content. To put it simply, let’s understand what content is all about in modern times.

Content essentials

The future of content cannot be predicted without taking into account is ‘past’ and ‘present’. Focussing on content creation through the below 4 lenses will help you make amazing blogs, videos, infographics, and presentations: 

  • Format  
  • Matter
  • Creation
  • Channels

All these points need to come together to make the content more impactful. And you need to master them to win the game of content online. Let’s talk about them one by one.


Video is the hottest content format right now followed by GIFs. To speak data, video traffic is set to make up 82% of all internet traffic by 2021. Many companies are exploring tutorials and webinars. The fashion industry is doing behind-the-scenes and live streaming. Neil Patel -the biggest name in marketing – has shifted to video from writing 3000-word blogs. Now, he makes 5-minute videos. 

In short, FORMAT is the first thing you should think about if you are just starting out on your business on a content journey. 

This video will tell you how to create amazing content for YouTube:


After making the decision about the format, you must figure out the matter if you really want to make ripples with content (in present or future). 

For different businesses, different types of content pay off. Different types of content are also required for different types of business goals. So, you got to figure out what kind of content your audience loves, is looking for, and needs. 

  • B2b businesses majorly go for knowledge-driven and futuristic content. Something that proves their expertise and establishes them as an authority. 
  • B2C businesses – Businesses selling directly to customers usually invest in emotional, ideas-driven, and informative content. Fresh and thought-provoking almost always work for B2C businesses. Something that helps customers attain a new perception, that makes them think, makes them see things in a new way.


Mediums are constantly changing. This year’s most popular medium won’t be most popular a couple of years later. Right now, Instagram has our attention but apps like Tiktok are quickly emerging to give the old masters a run for their money.

Sometimes it is not about dominating the most popular channel. It’s about identifying which channel has the most potential for your business. And dominating the hell out of it.

Keep reading for more insights on the ‘future of content’!

future of content marketing

Pro ‘future of content’ tip: Look at your audience once again before choosing channels. Creating buyer personas will definitely help if you are unsure which channels to focus upon. Conducting a consumer survey will help too!  


The biggest chunk of spending on content marketing in 2020 was made on content creation (56%). But still, a lot of businesses win with strategy but fail with content creation. Creating the right content requires a deep understanding of:

  1. What is your audience looking for?
  2. What can your audience relate to?
  3. What products should inspire?
future of content creation 2021

If you don’t have an in-house team of content creators, then, it is best to outsource the work to those with proven experience. These folks usually exist in content creation agencies.

Future of content: Word of wisdom

Not everything you will create will click, not even if you have done prior research and planning. That’s why you need to keep creating valuable content on a regular basis.

New content formats will come. New channels will come. The base of content however will always remain the same. 

This is what we think ‘the future of content’ holds.

Get content support

Change your content approach and strategy with time to tap new channels because dynamic is the only way to stay relevant and grow in modern digital times.  

Connect with Upreports if the content seems kind of overwhelming to you. All you gotta do is drop us an email at hello@upreports.com

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