How to Push Down Negative Links Online: Suppress Images, videos & news

Businesses risk losing 22% of business if customers find even 1 negative article in top search results. Job prospects can also be greatly hindered if hiring manager discovers online negativity about a candidate. So, managing your online reputation is very important. 

If something negative is published on the internet about you, it leaves a mark for a long term. In fact, pushing down negative links on the internet becomes more difficult as the source of negativity gains authority. 

Today, Upreports Infotech – the leading provider of online reputation management services in India – tips which you can follow to push down negative links, images, videos, news, blogs, and other sources on the internet.

how to suppress negative links
how to push down negative links on Internet

Tips to push down negative links on the Internet

Don’t engage with negative resources

First thing first, don’t engage with negative links on the Internet. Clicking on those links again and again increases their authority because clicks send the signal that the resource is relevant. 

If something negative about you is posted on a website, forum, blog, or news platform, don’t interact with it through comments unless you consult with any online reputation management agency and prepare a carefully crafted reply. 

This is the first step to push down negative links and resources on Google. 

push down negative links
Push negative links on Internet

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Create fan pages 

Fan pages are very helpful for pushing down negative links, images, and news sites on the internet. This is one of the best reputation recovery strategies for the emerging artists, young politicians, media persons and everyone else preparing to be under the spotlight. 

Create fan pages for yourself and publish your work, quotes, blogs, photos, profile links, video content, documents, journals, and everything else you can get hold of to make them highly relevant for name related searches.

Build relationships 

Your online followers can also help you to manage your online reputation. Build good relationships with your online followers, fans and well-wishers so that they can help you push positive resources. Always interact with your followers in the comments section and build the trust.

Good interaction between you and your followers is very helpful to push down the negative links on the internet.

how to push down negativity online
how to push down negative links On the Internet

Blog on top platforms

Publishing blog posts on top authority websites is also a very good way to push down the negative links, videos, images, and news sites on the internet. Creating engaging content on websites like Blogger, Medium, WordPress and Substack will help push more positive resources on top Google pages. 

Publishing frequently is important to suppress negative links. Creating URLs with correct keywords is also very helpful to increase the chances of your blogs to rank high. Tags, subheadings, and Meta are equally important.

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Track your online mentions

You always need to be aware of what people are posting about you on the internet. So, if any person is spreading some wrong information about you, it’s easier to get in action mode quickly. Tracking your online mentions is a very difficult task if you do it manually but there are some tools that can simplify the same. 

Google Alerts and Social Mention are good tools to monitor the web for negative links, images, and videos. Check out this list of online reputation management tools for more resources.

how to suppress images and videos online
how to push down negative links

Get your name domain

This is one of the best personal reputation management tips. You just need to buy the legit domain closest to your name and post the correct information about you on that website. Be sure you are not posting any misleading information because this may create a negative impact on your website visitors. 

Make your website interesting so that visitors spend more time on it. Use the keywords for which negative links are appearing liberally. This is the most effective way to push down negative links on the internet.

Got money? Buy multiple domains and optimize them all! 

Admit your mistake

Sometimes mistakes are made from our end. In such conditions, accepting mistakes is the best thing you can do. If you are honest, humble, and explain the situation patiently,  then, it won’t lead you to more damage.

If we can accept Logan Paul’s apology on YouTube after the dead body disaster in Japan, then, you have a chance as well. That said, this action requires serious thought before implementation.

suppress negative links from google
how to push down negative links on the Internet

Above are some generic tips and ideas to suppress negative links. 

Here are some quick tips to push down specific negative resources:

How to push down negative images 

  • Publish positive images on image sharing websites like Imgur 
  • Add a lot of images in your blogs 
  • Add caption, description, and alt attribute to the images 
  • Publish images aggressively to get faster results 
  • Set up a profile on free photography websites like Unsplash

How to push down negative videos 

  • Create positive video content and publish on Youtube 
  • Optimize video title, description, tags, and location correctly 
  • Embed videos in your blogs 
  • Publish videos on other video content platforms like Daily Motion
  • Aim to push at least 3 videos in a week and push from multiple channels

How to suppress defaming news on Google

  • Contribute as author to top media sites 
  • Do some charity work and get it covered by local media sites 
  • Submit press releases under your name 
  • Submit sponsored content 
  • Setup profiles on high-authority blogging platforms like medium

Watch this video to learn how much online reputation management costs:

Here’s how to push down negative links online

Pushing down negative links, videos, images, and news resources is hard work but it can totally be done. All you need is the right strategy, time, and dedicated efforts. 

In case you don’t have the time or think that it’s complicated, we recommend hiring online reputation management experts to suppress negative links for your business or personal reputation. Need friendly advice and guidance on your reputation case? Drop a message to Upreports for free consultation session.

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