Marketing for Resorts: Everything You Need to Know

The Global Resorts industry is expected to exhibit strong growth over the five years as the global economy is anticipated to bounce back from the economic downturn of COVID-19. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing was a reliable tool for resorts to attract customers and lead in the highly competitive hospitality industry. Sadly, a lot of resort owners are unaware of its benefits and marketing strategies. That’s why we decided to create this post!

In this post, Upreports -the leading digital marketing agency in India – will share everything about online marketing for resorts. From its benefits to effective marketing strategies, we will cover all important aspects.

Let’s understand the benefits of online marketing first!  

Benefits of online marketing for resorts:

Below benefits are encouraging resort owners to learn why it makes sense to invest in online marketing!

Local reputation

The market size of the hospitality industry is growing rapidly in the US. Hence, without a strong local reputation, it will be hard to attract potential customers to your resorts. Online marketing is the most effective way to represent your resort in front of local and nearby audiences.

Strong relations

When a lot of people were struggling to fight against the COVID-19, online marketing played a big role for resort owners to reach potential customers while following the covid-19 guidelines.

Digital marketing helped resort owners rise to the occasion and work in order to keep their customers stay connected and flatten the COVID-19 curve.

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Knowledge sharing

Creating helpful guides is the easiest way to prove your expertise to a targeted audience. Online marketing helps consistently cook up helpful blogs, DIY guides, and lets resorts owners showcase their resort features and promote them.

Knowledge sharing also leads to brand building and the same helps resort owners to grow in the hospitality industry.


Online marketing is loved by hundreds of thousands of resort owners due to its affordability. Of course, some resort owners hesitate before investing in online marketing since they assume it is pricey. 

While there are expensive marketing agencies out there, a lot of online marketing packages start at $500 per month only. Our basic package starts at this pricing too!

Above are the major benefits of digital marketing for resorts. Now that you have an idea of why it is best to go for online marketing, let’s learn about the ideas to market your resort on your own.

Best online marketing tips for resorts

The following online marketing tips will help resort owners specifically target the potential audience to improve their awareness and generate growth and revenue: 

Create a mobile-friendly website

Having a website that is user-friendly to almost all kinds of devices is extremely important. It is the core of online marketing for resorts. If your hospitality industry website is not properly optimized for mobile use, you may leave a lot of money on the table. Hence below are the tips to consider while creating a mobile-friendly resort website:

  • Make it responsive 
  • Keep your font size large
  • Aim for fast load speed
  • Optimize CTA size and location

Invest in SEO

If you run a resort in the New York region, it’s important that your website ranks whenever someone in that region searches ‘resort in New York’ or ‘ best resort near me.’ This is where SEO comes in. 

Implementing a powerful SEO strategy will uplift your hospitality industry website and business resources (like videos, PDFs, images, etc.) on the top of search engine results. Sad to say, the search engine algorithms keep on changing little by little every day. That’s why it is essential to invest in modern SEO strategies and practices. 

Use social media

The number of active social media users is increasing every month. Create business profiles on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote brand awareness and showcase your expertise to the audience. Also, use these channels to share the latest trends and discontent pricing.

Here are some social media marketing tips that are greatly benefiting the hospitality industry:

  • Share your positive customer’s feedbacks 
  • Share the resort’s amenities.
  • Create reels featuring the best resort view
  • Share the discounted pricing

Ask for reviews

Online market survey has already proved that about 65% of the people read reviews before making a decision online. So getting positive reviews about your resort should be on top of your priority list. Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google My business are the top review publishing sites. Create a free profile on these sites and get reviews about your agriculture store from happy students.

Circulating positive reviews will help you to create positive awareness about your resort and will also help you generate more business leads.

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Hire a marketing team

Resort marketing is challenging if you want to make an impact through every digital marketing channel. It’s almost impossible for the agribusiness owners since they have to:  

  • Attend clients on a daily basis
  • Maintain friendly atmosphere
  • Focus on growth

Since online marketing techniques are time-consuming and need dedicated work, top resort owners outsource online marketing professionals. 

Below are the reasons why Upreports is the first choice of agribusiness owners:

  • Digital marketing packages starting at $500 per month
  • A dedicated team of SEO, social media, and content experts
  • Last pharma company marketing strategies and growth support

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Online marketing for the resort: Get help

The above post has been created to build awareness about the benefits of online marketing for resorts. We have also shared some online marketing tips and ideas to help resort owners do online marketing by getting into a DIY mode. 

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