October 2023 Core and Spam Update: Recover Faster 

Google’s October 2023 Core Algorithm Update and Spam update has ushered in a new wave of changes. As expected, this update is poised to substantially impact search rankings and enhance user experience significantly. This update comes on the heels of the October 2023 spam update and shortly after the August 2023 core update and September helpful content update. 

As the leading online marketing agency in India, we are here with the most recent Google algorithm updates to keep you informed and provide guidance if you have been impacted.

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Google October 2023 Broad Core: Quick Highlights 

  1. The October 2023 Broad  Core Algorithm Update marks the third major update of the year, following in the footsteps of the March and August core updates.
  2. The update started on October 5, 2023, a day after the October 2023 spam update was released, and completed 14 days later on October 19, 2023.
  3. The primary goal of this update is to enhance search quality and reduce the prevalence of low-quality, spammy content in search results.
  4. These core updates often trigger shifts in website rankings. Some websites may see substantial changes, while others remain untouched.
  5. An all-encompassing update that assesses various content types, impacting global regions and languages. Its reach extends to Google Discover, featured snippets, and beyond, shaping a significant digital landscape shift.
  6. This update, like most previous core updates, felt big in terms of the number of sites that saw ranking volatility and complaints from SEOs 
  7. SEO experts observed significant ranking fluctuations across various industries during the rollout period.
  8.  John Mueller suggests, there is no need to rush in finding a solution. Instead, website owners should take their time to develop a plan and implement changes over a few months. 
  9. Google did not disclose the percentage of affected queries, but the impact appears widespread and rapid
  10.  Google’s October 2023 Spam Update aims to combat spam content across multiple languages, ultimately elevating the quality of search results by diminishing the prevalence of spammy content.
  11.  The SEO community has reported significant impacts, with some experiencing drastic drops in traffic.

Ways to deal with Google October 2023 Core Update 

Content Quality: 

 Google consistently values high-quality, relevant, and authoritative content. Upholding a commitment to providing valuable information to users is pivotal for sustaining or improving your rankings.

User Experience:

Elements like page load speed, mobile responsiveness, and intuitive navigation significantly influence website rankings. Ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience is essential for SEO success.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness):

Google places substantial emphasis on a publisher’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in their respective fields. Demonstrating credibility and expertise within your niche can significantly enhance your rankings.

Continuous Improvement:

Keeping pace with Google’s guidelines and industry advancements is crucial. Adapting your SEO strategies to evolving search algorithms is vital for maintaining a competitive edge and optimizing your online presence.

Comply with Google’s Guidelines

Following Google’s prescribed guidelines meticulously is fundamental to achieving and sustaining strong online visibility and credibility.

Recovery from Core Google Updates: Quick Steps

  • There aren’t specific actions to take to recover. A negative rankings impact may not signal anything is wrong with your pages.
  • Google has offered a list of questions to consider if your site is hit by a core update.
  • Google said you can see a bit of a recovery between core updates but the biggest change would be after another core update.
  •  Google advises self-assessment and improvement of content if a change in traffic is noticed post-update.
  • Google warns against changing dates to make content seem fresh and adding/removing content primarily for ranking benefits.

Google October Broad Core Update: Conclusion

Google urges searchers to contribute feedback via its spam reporting tool, crucial in identifying and combating spam. With the official rollout now completed, we anticipate positive outcomes for websites that have been working hard and sticking with Google guidelines and quality parameters. With the official rollout now completed of both the October 2023 broad core updates, the industry-wise impact data is still pending. As soon as it arrives, this blog will be updated with all insights. 

Evaluate the changes your website is undergoing and devise a robust strategy aligned with your business needs. If your website has been affected by recent Google core updates, we advise partnering with us – India’s leading SEO experts in India – for fast recovery and lasting results.

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