Helplocal Goes Live and Many News From Google

It’s weekend and time for our weekly tech news roundup!

Upreports is back with the latest technology news, growth updates, and marketing trends to help you win you achieve maximum growth.

Let’s quickly go through the biggest SEO, technology, social media, startup, and digital marketing news of the ongoing week and learn what all is happening in the web realm:

Google temporarily disables Request Indexing feature

Google has temporarily disabled the Request Indexing feature of the URL inspection tool. This confirmation came through a tweet that also confirms that the indexing tool will be back in the coming week with some infrastructure changes. Request Indexing feature lets webmasters fetch new and old URLs again.

Google Maps makes live business more prominent

Google is expanding global coverage of live business information, which shows how busy a place is in real-time. Live Business information is a feature Google launched back in 2016 which informs searchers of how busy a place is expected to be at a given time.

The data is typically furnished when people look for a specific place in Google Search or Maps.

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Helplocal India goes live

Helplocal India finally went live this week! The startup by Upreports Infotech aims to simplify the discovery of local NGOs and charities all over India. Helplocal is working with the vision to empower local NGOs working in 10 fields including senior welfare, medical support, childcare, women empowerment, and animal rescue. 

Want to support Helplocal? Connect to Collaborate

Google asking searchers to leave a review

Google always asks searchers to leave a review while making a purchase to help other buyers. But from now onward, Google might make few changes to the whole process. First Google used to ask “Have you made an online purchase from before? But now Google is asking “help others shop by writing a review.” A small change but analysts say that it might encourage people to review more.

Google Analytics introduces new features  

Google Analytics is receiving a significant update based on the foundation of App+Web property introduced by them in beta last year. The 4 key features to be introduced in the “new” Google Analytics are: 

  • Smarter insights that use machine learning to identify trends. 
  • Deeper integration with Google Ads. 
  • Customer-centric data measurement.
  • More granular data controls 

“These features are designed specifically to help marketers improve their marketing decisions and get better ROI”. says Google. One thing is for sure, in order to stay up-to-date, the company will no longer be investing in its old version of GA. 

This means marketers have to create a new ‘Google Analytics 4’ property alongside their existing properties in their specific GA accounts. 

Source: Search Engine Journal

That’s it! These are the freshest stories on tech from the ongoing week.

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