Online Store Checklist & Features to Build Best Ecommerce Site

Okay. There are already tons of ‘online store checklists’ and ‘online store features lists’ already on the internet. Most say that theirs is the best online store checklist to build ecommerce websites that actually sell but only a few are exhaustive. So, we took some time to create an online shop checklist that you can actually refer to build an ecommerce website that has the firepower to:

  • Impress shoppers
  • Generate huge sales
  • And of course, generate profits

So, here is our super online store checklist to get the best online shop features that will help you in building an online store to sell anything you want!

Start with the logo – This little thing is part of your brand identity. So, give some time to creating a logo. Don’t go running to Fiverr to get it made at the cheapest rate. Spare some time to come up with a unique design.

Photos matter a LOT – Whatever you are selling will sell only if the images will impress. Bad product images leave a really bad impression. So, getting high-quality product images should top your list of online store checklists.

Make space for Most Popular – There will some products that will sell like hotcakes for their pricing, quality, market demand, or whatever reason. So, don’t forget to create a ‘Most Popular’ or ‘Top Selling’ section on your ecommerce store.

online store checklist

Think about mobile – Online store checklists that miss this definitely suck. More than half of the people who know about the internet access it through smartphones and mobile devices. So, make sure your online shop is built for smart devices.

Arrange engaging copy – If you are selling unique products, then, your copy (or product descriptions) got to be engaging. Boring ones won’t hold visitors’ attention. Also, make sure there are no grammar blunders. Not an online store feature but something worth getting.

Get ace products – Lame or low-quality products will gather you terrible reviews in the very beginning. So, pledge to deal only in quality products that will make shoppers recommend your online store to others as well.

Master color scheme – Embrace a color palate that is soothing to the eyes. Ask the designer to keep color psychology in mind while creating the initial design drafts of your online store.

Put data on duty – If you have spent some time analyzing top online store features, you must have noticed the ‘Recently Seen’ section. Such features will put you in a league of top online stores and of course generate more sales.

Make sign-up easy – Simplifying sign-up for your ecommerce store will help in getting more registered shoppers and give you more data to analyze. So, make it as simple as possible. Social media signup is an online shop feature worth having.

online store features

Set priorities right – The prime objective of first-time shoppers is to get their hands on what they are after. So, asking people to sign-up before they reach the checklist is a bad idea. So, set your priorities right.

Gather user-generated reviews –Your online store checklist must make space for a reviews functionality that makes it easy for shoppers to leave a product review. Social media logins can definitely help here as well.

Think brand identity – Some online stores deploy a design that stays with the visitors for a long time. There are various other elements to the brand identity. Here’s a blog we wrote that will help get more clarity on brand identity and help you in establishing the same online.

Make checkout easy – Making the shopper struggle at the very last step is a recipe for disaster. Request your designer to create a smooth checkout funnel and check card abandonments. This online store feature is a must-have feature of the ecommerce features list pdf that has been followed by top online stores.

Add Bought Together section – Every product page should include a ‘Related Items’ and ‘Bought Together’ section to help shoppers discover new and similar products. Highlight this point in your ecommerce shop checklist.

Add security affiliations – Do you have any special security features that make shopping more secure? If yes, don’t be shy to show it off during the shopping cart funnel. Again, not really an online store feature but something that will assist conversions.

Add social sharing – If your products are amazing, then, social sharing is a must for you. It introduces your products to a new audience and creates social buzz. It can be said that it is a free way of marketing your online shop.

online shop features best

Make shipping provisions – Shoppers in developing countries like India prefer paying on receiving the products. Similarly, the concept of store pickup can also be used. So, keep multiple ways to purchase and add website features to support this.

Chalk out Return Policy – Returns policy has to be carefully shared along with the products so that shoppers have a clear understanding while they buy. Most people leave this out from their online store checklist but don’t.

Provide wishlist creation – To keep people engaged in your online store, add the feature of saving products in a wishlist. Pretty simple thing but can go a long way in generating second-time visitors and also push sales.

Plan special offers – Stay fresh in the minds of shoppers by coming up with special offers. These can come during season festivities or also once a month to give the sales an additional push. Again, not an online store feature but worth your time.

Elaborate on products – Shoppers want to know everything about the product before they buy. So, don’t forget to make space for product size, type, dimension, and of course price while designing your online store.

Keep improving with insights – Just building a store and leaving it to rot won’t do. You have to analyze data and see what’s working & what’s not. Here’s a detailed blog that brings reports that will help you discover website leakages and fix them.

Flaunt your trust marks – Security affiliations, corporate tie-ups, and security enhancements must be flaunted to make the shoppers slide down the conversion funnel. Again, make a special mark of this in your online store design checklist.

one store website features best

Give awesome support – Shoppers sometimes need help to discuss their product queries and doubts. Hence, you must make space for email, call, and chat support. This will save you many sales. Chat functionality would be a great online store feature to add.

Make search splendid – Sometimes shoppers are not sure exactly what they are looking for. So, your online store search has to guide their path by being intuitive and exhaustive. Search recommendations while the shopper is adding a query would be a great addition.

Get killer navigation – While powerful search is a must, you shouldn’t compromise on navigation. Get one that focuses on your catalog, audience, and of course usability. A must-have for every online store if you ask Team Upreports.

Gather emails and insights – More data you have, the greater the chances of sales growth. Make provision for newsletter subscriptions and surveys to gather insights from visitors. Simple online store feature with big returns!

Plan deals and freebies – Every major shopping store plans special deals, freebies, and shopping marathons to create hype and generate more product sales. So, you must do that too to entice shoppers to your online shop.

Get gift cards – If your dreams are to compete with the likes of eBay and Amazon or even launch local variants to them, then, gift cards are something to embrace. Make it part of your online store checklist.

A label like a boss – Top web designers and UX experts always recommend being traditional with labeling. So, labeling the ‘Buy Now’ button as ‘Steal It’ or something of sort won’t do. Check out our case studies to gather more traffic and growth insights.

online store features list

International pricing – If you have the vision to go international with your online shop, then, international pricing is something you have to figure out. Taxes, shipping, and similar details ought to be documented and communicated carefully.

Integrate ace review system – Reviews play a gigantic role in buyer decision-making. Stores like Amazon have verified reviews functionality to check spam and also encourage shoppers to leave a review. Make sure your to-do list includes this.

Make product tracking easy – Buyers cannot wait to get their hands on products and hence they get the urge to track where their shipment has reached. That’s why you must add a powerful product tracking functionality.

Social sharing buttons – This is a no-brainer but super important for your online store checklist. Social sharing helps generate additional traffic to your website and also spreads your brand name further. So, make sure it rocks.

Deploy duper support – When products take longer to arrive and turn out to be not-what-I-wanted, your support team will come into the picture. Amazing support helps in customer retention and also stops negative reviews from popping up.

Build a community – Attracting a shopper is easy but retaining him is difficult. That’s why you need to focus on building a strong community around your online store. Special discounts, memberships, and similar activities will help.

Embrace new tech – If your goal is to become one of the top online stores in your chosen category, then, technology is something you have to keep up with. Watch out for new shopping tech like virtual try-on.

online shop features best

Deploy a referral program – Your current customers are the easiest way to connect with new ones. So, find time to create a referral program that rewards registered users to spread the message about you.

Optimize optimize optimize – Google can be a great driver of traffic for your online store but only if you optimize product pages correctly. Hence, make a note about search engine optimization in your online store checklist.

Think about the app – Mobile apps provide a more seamless shopping experience which is the reason why major ecommerce giants are betting big on them. Don’t forget to get one for your long-term strategy.

Build on flexible technology – Build your online store on a technology that supports expansion unless you want to remain a tiny shop all your life. Be wary of online store builders that are walled gardens.

Embrace agile while developing – Top-rated online stores are built by developers that follow agile methodology while developing. So, collaborate with a team that supports modern development practices.

Make homepage grand – If your plans are to launch a superstore, then, you must keep your homepage grand and showcases your vision. Keep it minimal with fewer products on display, and visitors will think you are a small-timer.

Check load time – To deliver a super shopping experience, the performance of your website pages must load in a blink of an eye. So, make sure you optimize everything that ought to be optimized to check load time. Struggling with site speed and performance? Discuss your case.

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Confirm search engine friendliness – Not every online store builder or development technology is built to deliver an online store that Google will admire and rank on the first page. So, don’t forget to check this detail.

Multivendor with care – Websites like Amazon and eBay are not just online stores. They are actually huge online marketplaces where tens of thousands of merchants sell their products. So, if you want to build something like Amazon, firstly acquaint yourself with the multivendor complexities.

Work on product filters – Mega online stores have thousands of products in just one category. Filters help shoppers find what they are looking for. Since every product category will have unique ones, you have to plan them all carefully. This is a super duper important ecommerce store feature.

Get comparison feature – Some product categories, especially gadgets, have so features that people need help in choosing the right one. A comparison feature helps in this task. This is a must-add to your online store checklist.

Get notification feature – Products run out of stock all the time, and the ‘Notification’ feature will give you a second chance to make the sale. Don’t forget to add this to the list of website features you require in your online store.

Create a Special Offers section – Some people just want stuff for cheap, and to cater to them, you must create a dedicated section that will feature the best-discounted products on your online store.

Play mind games – Shoppers often get second thoughts before making a purchase and it is your duty to drive away the doubts by creating urgency. Adding a timer on deals and showing a ‘few items left’ tag will encourage shoppers to shop!

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And we are done.

Actually, we are not.

The above online store checklist will definitely give you a superstore that will generate sales, traffic, and profits but there are tons of other online store features that must be part of your amazing online store. And we are working on bringing them all for you. Already done making your online store but not sure if you got everything right. Request an audit report from our analysts!

Stay tuned with us for amazing blogs, updates, and content that will help you make the most of the internet.

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