Online Reputation Management Tools To Monitor Internet in 2023

Whether you are a business or an individual, online reputation matters for everyone, and that’s precisely why we need online reputation tools. 

Online reputation can make or break your business. It can impact your career growth as well. That’s why it’s important today to keep a watch on what comes up when your name or your business is Googled. 

To simplify the task of monitoring online reputation for business owners and professionals, Upreports has created this list of online reputation management tools & software. 

Use these online reputation management and tracking tools in 2023 to monitor your online image and act promptly in case any threat appears.

Note: Online reputation tools cannot fix reputation threats. They can only keep you up-to-date with your online reputation status. To recover from reputation threats, you need to hire online reputation experts. Check out current online reputation management cost 

Let’s start with our list of the most popular online reputation tracking tools!


BrandMentions is an online reputation management tool that claims to dig into every corner of the internet to find all the relevant mentions. This tool sends real-time notifications about the brand, topic, or name being monitored.

BrandMentions aims to help businesses of all sizes to monitor their online reputation at a monthly fee. These are the coolest features of this web reputation tracking tool:

  • Real-time email notifications every time you get mentioned
  • Quick sorting of negative and positive comments 
  • Help engage with your audience and take prompt recovery action


Buzzsumo is one of the best online reputation and brand tracking tools to emerge in the past decade. In order to provide the content that people want to know, you need to know what is popular. Besides reputation tracking, this powerful tool accomplishes a lot of research and  planning tasks 

Below are the Buzzsumo features that are most widely used:

  • Content Insight: Buzzsumo gathers information on what topics are gaining the most attention.
  • Alerts: Buzzsumo allows you to set up keyword alerts so that you are updated when content is posted or updated
  • Competitors Analysis: Knowing what your competitors are doing and what is not working for them can help you avoid things that aren’t effective. 
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Mention allows brands to monitor social media and helps you to know what is being said about your business. Mention monitors over 1 billion sources across the internet daily and has many features like advanced alerts (Boolean Query), real-time alarms, and automated Email notifications.

Mention has multiple pricing plans for solo users and enterprise users. Mention online reputation tracking tool has several features which come in handy while monitoring your brand’s image:

  • The sentiment analysis tool helps you quickly sort the positive comments from the negative ones so that you can quickly identify the problem.
  • Analyze and compare trends by filtering key conversations.
  • Mention gives you a real-time email notification every time you get mentioned on popular social media channels.

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The Brand Grader

Everybody loves free stuff and that’s why we have added this to our list of online reputation monitoring tools! The Brand Grader is another online reputation management tool that helps professionals and businesses analyze how your business, your competitors, or anyone else measures up online. 

The Brand Grader gives you a quick glimpse of how your brand performs online to give you an idea of what’s working for you and where you can improve. The Brand Grader regularly checks whether you are making progress and finds new areas to focus on in your marketing. 

This feature will help you to monitor your business reputation more easily: 

  • The Brand Grader provides you with an automatic Email notification whenever your brand receives a new review.


Similarweb is a marketing web intelligence platform that helps you to discover the most important traffic insights for your business, website, or industry. Not exactly a reputation tracking software, it generates multi-device marketing intelligence to understand, track, and grow your business. 

This online brand tracking tool provides 24/7 ORM capabilities to support thousands of clients ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. This online reputation tool will help you to monitor your business’s image more easily and grow it further. 

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Brand24 is also another effective reputation and brand tracking tool for monitoring your business’s reputation on the internet. This allows users to track every single like, share, and mention. It also helps in tracking competitors, making it easy to tweak marketing and growth strategies.  

Here are the most powerful features of this online reputation management tool:

  • Uses advanced sentiment detection to segment positive, negative, and neutral mentions
  • Provide instant alert for negative mentions
  • Measures the number of mentions with hashtags

As we mentioned, none of the above-mentioned tools can neutralize online reputation threats or push them to the lower search pages. Most of them only help with reputation tracking. 


SocialMention helps you to find out who is talking about your business or competitor on social media. This online reputation management software allows real time tracking and simplifies brand monitoring a lot. 

This online reputation management tool aims to protect your reputation by allowing you to respond to social media mention in the fastest way possible.

SocialMention mentors more than 100 social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and FriendFeed.

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Reputology is another popular online reputation management tool used by businesses across the globe. It is an online review tracking platform that helps businesses to track reviews from a vast range of review sites including Google My Business reviews and Amazon product reviews.

These are some impressive features of this online reputation monitoring tool:

  • Reputology provides location-specific review insights.
  • It responds quickly with automated email notifications for all new reviews (within 24 hours).
  • Reputology keeps an eye on how reviews are being managed.


ReviewPush helps you to monitor social media and other popular review sites in one place. You can respond to any of the reviews whether it is negative or positive, directly from your inbox if you have set up the email alert. 

ReviewPush also gives you insight on the basis of analytics whether the comment is positive or negative. These are some exciting features of the online reputation monitoring tool:

  • ReviewPush helps you to determine which local review profile you are missing across the web.
  • It delivers automatic reports at the region, district, or store level.
  • Email notifications for new reviews.
  • Within the email alert, Reviewpush also provides the option to respond to your online reviews.

Start online reputation management & recovery

While there is no dearth of online reputation management and tracking tools on the internet, they don’t help in case of reputation threats emerge from defaming blogs, bad media coverage, leaked images, and negative videos. 

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