High or low authority: What kind of backlinks actually work?

Note: All observations made in our shorts series are derived from our personal experiences in digital marketing. It’s possible that whatever we mention may not match with popular SEO wisdom. 

We all know that backlinks are supercritical for ranking. Without a strong base of backlinks, it’s hard to rank for competitive keywords. But what kind of backlinks work best? 

High authority backlinks that are difficult to get or low-authority ones that require little effort? 

Since Team Upreports has helped hundreds of businesses to improve their website ranking in 8-12 months, we are here to answer what kind of backlinks work best in 2021. 

Read on to discover what kind of backlinks matter the most!

High authority backlinks: Status in 2021

Almost everyone says that backlinks from high authority sites are most valuable and we 100% agree with the same. But sadly, building backlinks from high-authority sites is really tough in 2021. 

In the past 5 years, the majority of websites that gave away do-follow links have switched to site-wide no-follow to avoid penalties from Google. From big news publications to community sites, everyone has gone the no-follow way. No wonder, high authority backlinks are hard to acquire and some websites are charging hefty amounts for do-follow backlinks. Of course small businesses cannot afford the same. 

Low authority backlinks: Status in 2021

Creating backlinks from low-authority websites is much easier. From profile creation to guest contributions, there are a lot of ways to build backlinks from websites that haven’t yet ‘made’ it. 

However, backlinks from low authority sites (around 20 to 35 DA) often face the flak of SEOs. A lot of SEO experts are of the opinion that working on low authority backlinks is a waste of time. From personal experience, I beg to differ.   

Backlinks built from low authority websites can play a crucial role in ranking in the long run. While you should totally stay away from spammy sites, targeting new websites, relevant communities, and content channels surely drive link juice in your direction. 

Also, lesser-known websites that are ‘aggressive’ now will become big in a year or two. Meaning, their authority will eventually take a jump and backlinks will become valuable.

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High, low or a mix of both?

We have deployed a ‘mix of both’ link-building strategy for a lot of clients and generated impressive results. While trying for high authority backlinks, keep working on the easy ones so that small off-page benefits keep coming your way. 

While high authority backlinks are always a good idea, they are often hard to acquire. That’s why mixing both pay better SEO dividends. 

Please note that this is what we have learned from our personal experiences. Let us know in the comment section what you think about this backlink creation strategy. 

Not sure where to start your link-building efforts? Check out this free backlinks list we created some time ago.

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