Top B2B Marketing Growth Strategies & Hacks to Skyrocket Business

Nowadays, strategic growth marketing has become a vital part for B2B business growth. With ever-increasing competition & unprecedented business challenges, unique marketing growth strategies come handy in attracting new users and retaining existing clients. However, a research report by Smart Insights reveals that 49% of organizations do not have a clearly defined digital growth marketing strategies.

Understanding the significance of growth marketing strategies for small organizations & startups, our team of competent marketing strategists outlined some of the best B2B growth marketing strategies that’ll help propel your business to greater heights. Let’s walk through the top B2B growth hacks & marketing strategies.

Leverage LinkedIn to grow your business

Linkedin is a powerful B2B social media tool for business growth. With the right marketing growth strategies, it can be extremely useful for building reputation of your brand.

Here are top 5 tips that can help you generate maximum business leads

1. Post a useful update once a day from your personal LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn company page. This activity would make a significant impact on brand awareness for your business.

2. Be active in 3-5 LinkedIn groups – share good content, discussions, and business related information.

3. Use LinkedIn advanced search facility to locate useful business connections by name, company, university, job title, geographic location etc.

4. Don’t just connect with other LinkedIn users, always send a thank you message to relevant contacts, then share useful content monthly that directs them to your website.

5. Check regularly who viewed your profile. This is a great source of hot leads.

Grow Revenue with Paid Search Marketing

Search engine marketing is the most effective way to boost sales by increasing traffic to your business’s website.

A study shows that 90% of businesses spend on search engine marketing for increasing their sales and brand value.

Here are the most effective paid marketing growth strategies that can help maximize your business revenue

1. Paid campaigns with Google Adwords, which is an advertising platform and provides Pay-per-click (PPC) ads relevant to your product that appear in google search results pages. It can be an effective way to generate traffic that converts into customers by jumping to the top of search results.

2. Advertise on Youtube. It is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google and gets millions of visits each day. You can run a video advertisement for your products and services. A small amount wisely spent can make a big impact on your brand.

3. Get the help of Google Adsense for the advertisement of your products & services. Google Adsense is a website advertising platform which shows ads related to your product on websites, whenever any user clicks on the ad it will redirect the user directly to your product website.

4. Run Paid ads on Facebook. Having 1.5 billion active users & filled with millions of pages of top brands & advertisers, Facebook is indeed the most effective social media advertising platform. You can run paid ad campaign for your product branding and promotion.

5. Run paid ad campaigns on ecommerce site like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart etc. They have millions of daily visitors on average who spend money to buy products. This growth strategy has enough potential to increase your product sales and brand value.

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Build a High-Performance Website

In today’s professional service marketplace, your business website is one of your most crucial assets. It is much more than a digital billboard or brochure, it’s like your digital office. A high-performance niche website corresponding to your product is a great way to get better visibility.

Here are some highly important things to keep in mind while creating a business website

1. Build your website on a technology you can manage on your own. Most prefer WordPress since it’s pretty easier to operate.

2. Add fresh content, discounts, & promotional deals (if any) on your website regularly.

3. Setup a blog for your official brand since it attains ranking quickly and scores high in terms of engagement and sharing.

4. Always remember to add a landing page to your blog and official website. Adding a landing page is an effective growth marketing strategy to build engagement.

5. Link social media channels to your website to build brand credibility and authority online.

6.Setup an email newsletter to send your recent offers, promos, etc directly to your customer’s inbox.

Improve Website Ranking with SEO

A wider digital presence does require more than just a professionally designed website. Getting SEO optimized the website’s and blog’s content is highly important for achieving better ranking on search engines. This will not only help your website fetch better ranking in search engine result pages but also increase the chances of more lead generation.

Here are a few SEO hacks and tips to attain better ranking

1. Hire a professional SEO expert to optimize your business website ranking in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

2. Create unique content related to your product after researching relevant keywords. You can take help of tools like Semrush,keywordseverywhere etc to find the relevant keyword.

3. Make sure each article uses the keyword in the title and H1 header.

4. You’ll also want to sprinkle the keyword throughout your content. Avoid using too many keywords since Google is highly intolerant against bad SEO practices & can penalize your site for keyword stuffing.

5. Don’t forget to link your blog post to relevant already posted blogs. It will increase your ranking and help you get extra page views.

6.Always remember to share blog posts to social media pages, groups, discussion forums etc. for better visibility and engagement.

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Landing Page Planning & Checklist

The prime goal of a landing page is to continually engage your users and keep them stay on your website. Some landing pages are overloaded with irrelevant videos & content that can leave users totally confused which will further increase the chances of users leaving your website without visiting other pages. So make sure you add only relevant information.

Take a look at a few important tips that can help you manage landing page content

1. Landing page should be concise, easy to navigate, and free from distraction.

2. Your offers should be compelling, persuasive, and clear. Don’t confuse people with multiple offers.

3. Use your “thank you” page as an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell other products and services. This is a great chance to drive users deeper into your site.

4. Create a Google form for any query. Be sure your form does not contain more than 4 fields like Name, Email, Phone, & query. Set an auto-responder that will send a confirmation message once a query is submitted.

5. Add free videos and informative content to engage your users.

6. Add user testimonials to your landing page. It may help in increasing your product value and engagement.

Strengthen your Social Media Game

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are perfect for increasing website traffic and generating quality leads for your business. Having millions of user bases, these social media platforms can provide far better reach in less amount of time.

Check out some B2B social media growth hacks to develop a great social strategy for increasing brand growth

1. Create a highly optimized official page of your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other platforms.

2. Share your blog posts with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social channels.

3. Engage with readers through promotional offers, promos, etc to keep them coming back for more.

4. Share your business objectives & case studies with your followers. This will help you build the reputation of your brand.

5. Occasionally via social media pages, keep asking your customers about the feedback and improvements related to your product. This will help you engage better with the audience.

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Create a Referral Marketing Strategy

One of the keys to running a successful referral program in the B2B world is to” Talk about it”. Mention it to every client/customer you have and let it be known on every sales demo you host that your business rewards any referral.

Have a look at some amazing B2B referral marketing growth hacks

1. Display your referral program prominently on your website’s homepage.

2. Include referral call-to-actions in all your email marketing efforts and include links to your referral landing page.

3. Dedicate a landing page that explains how your referral program works.

4. Run referral programs like a $10 discount to maximize engagement.

5. Take the help of Ecommerce websites for your referral marketing. Some Ecommerce websites like Amazon offer referral programs.

Do not Overlook Offline Marketing

Better consumer reach and comparatively less expenditure make most marketers prefer digital marketing over offline one. However, a few modern-day offline marketing strategies can still be proved beneficial for brand growth.

Here are the top offline B2B marketing growth strategies that you can implement to grow your business

1. Use newspapers and local magazines as communication media to promote your brand.

2. Give away business brochures, cards, or pamphlets with every product purchase to reach new customers.

3. Sponsor local events to expand the reach of your products.

4. List yourself in free local business directories to reach the local audience.

5. Stay connected with local influencers, this may help you to get local business leads.

Giveaway Marketing Strategy

Everyone loves the word “free.” Sometimes people remember the things forever, they got for free. You can implement a giveaway B2B marketing growth strategy by sponsoring a local event and giving away things there. Or you can leverage popular social media platforms like Instagram to give away free products. The ultimate goal is to spread the brand’s positive image in people’s minds.

Below are some huge benefits of giving things away for free

1. Free giveaways can be used to create a buzz around your brand.

2. It drives more traffic.

3. It hooks the customer.

4. It develops the positive brand image

5. It encourages feedback.

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Spread Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Online reviews are extremely beneficial in B2B business growth. Each review posted online by a customer is a form of advertising for your business. Your business’s name and products are exposed to readers, increasing their awareness of who you are and what your business is all about. Reviews and testimonials can also influence internet search engine results.

According to a study, 70% of people rely on customer reviews before making a purchase. It’s highly important for B2B business growth.

Here are some reviews and testimonials tips to strategize your B2B growth

1. Share reviews on your business website.

2. Add testimonials to your landing pages.

3. Make video reviews and testimonials and share them on your business website, blogs, social media channels, etc.

4. Share your product reviews and client testimonials on Quora.

Above are the best B2B growth marketing hacks and strategies that can help you grow your business to a great height.

Are you familiar with any B2B growth marketing strategy that didn’t get a mention here? If yes, then do comment below and we will consider it for inclusion.

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