Pinterest Social Media Content Strategy (Updated for 2023)

Update: We have updated our Pinterest social media content strategy for 2023 with new insights. Happy reading!

An average user spends 3 to 4 hours everyday browsing and posting updates on social media. This simple fact is making business owners and brands pump money into social media marketing. However, creating the perfect Pinterest is not easy.

To help businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers make the most of the social media efforts in 2023, we decided to create detailed social media content strategies for some of the most promising social media channels out there!

Let’s start with the hottest social media platform amongst women, that is, Pinterest:

But before going to the Pinterest social media strategy, let’s understand why it is so important:

Why Pinterest deserves a unique social content strategy?

Pinterest carries more than 250 million average users who search, save, and share visual content. Pinterest is most loved by women. It is widely considered as a platform to search for inspiration and seek new products to buy.

Pinterest powers content curation facilitates product sales, and of course, promotes your products or services. It also has a strong platform to track your growth, run advertising, and simply get organized.

Now that we have some decent understanding of Pinterest’s capabilities, let’s get a brief view of the Pinterest audience and about its users as of 2023:

Pinterest Audience

Around 34% are young teens of 12 to 17 years. Youth favors around 37% of Pinterest aged 18 to 21 years. Surprising, isn’t it? Teenagers have also caught up the Pinterest fever and are spending a lot of time on it.

Pinterest Social Media strategy

Pinterest User Locations:

There are 30% of people who use Pinterest from suburban regions and 25% of people from rural areas.

Pro tip: Make sure you know when your audience gets active. It would be bad if you post great content but there is no one to read it.

Now that we are familiar with the importance of Pinterest, let’s learn about creating a popular social media content strategy using the Pinterest platform. Here are some important things to remember:

Pinterest Social Media Strategy – Considerations for 2023

Pinterest has a strong potential for businesses that cater to women, DIY content, lifestyle, and fashion. That said, businesses and marketers planning to channelize Pinterest ought to think over the following aspects to come up with a highly targeted social media content strategy:

Post Frequency

Pinterest demands top-quality visual content but it also matters how many times you are posting it. The best post frequency for Pinterest is around 3 to 4 times per day. The best days to push content on Pinterest are Saturdays and Sundays since the weekend is reserved for planning activities, events, and research.

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Content Type

Pinterest as a social media platform is heavily imaged driven. The majority of the content on Pinterest falls under Images and Infographics. So, if you plan to make an impact on Pinterest, then, make sure you have quality images and visual content. Videos on Pinterest have also grown in the past couple of years.

Pinterest Social Media strategy

Audience Analysis

Figuring out your audience is critical for creating an ace Pinterest social media strategy. Around 68% of Pinterest is used by women between the ages of 25 & 54 years among 40% of users are men. So, a lot depends on what chunk of your audience qualifies for the platform.

Hashtag Considerations

You already know that hashtags help content to gain better visibility but hashtags work differently on Pinterest. The social media platform doesn’t power its search through hashtags and hence they don’t have the same relevance as they enjoy on Twitter or Instagram. So, the thumb rule for hashtags is to not get obsessed with them.

Mobile Considerations

Pinterest is majorly used by people on smartphones. The Pinterest app offers almost the same features that you’ll find on the desktop version but you still have to become familiar with its mobile interface to create content accordingly. The image ratio of 2:3 is ideal for Pinterest images and hence make sure that yours are optimized accordingly. The Pinterest social media strategy is that all your content should be mobile-ready

Content Branding

Your audience is scrolling through a sea of options on Pinterest. Content branding helps in communicating your brand name when your content is pinned on other boards by other people. The easiest way to do the same is by adding a logo to all your Pinterest content. In short, you need to brand your pins to make them more recognizable.

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Above are some of the most crucial considerations for creating a social media content strategy for Pinterest. Below are some pro tips to create killer social media content for business on Pinterest:

Pro Pinterest social media strategy for business in 2023:

1. Keep the image ratio around 2:3 for an ideal ratio. Size images around 600×900 pixels for best results.

2. Design unique custom Board covers for all your boards. Keep your titles short, informative, and add keywords in descriptions.

3. Use Pinterest analytics to get insights into performance. Consider it as a marketing and strategy tool to create future content.

4. Choose images that are eye-catchy because Pinterest is a visual platform. Lame images will drive away people.

5. Add “Save” button to your site to help users save your products and stay connected with you.

Pinterest Social Media strategy

6. Users will interact with your products more frequently when you’ll post exciting content regularly.

7. Use photos that don’t have any copyright issues. If your business doesn’t offer a lot of scope for great images, use sites like Unsplash to find high-quality images.

8. Don’t forget to interact with any response that you receive! When you reply to any user’s response, it shows your business is active and running.

9. Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your best-performing blogs, products, and services. Don’t overdo this though!

10. Avoid adding excessive text in pin captions. Keep your captions short but keyword optimized. Simply describe your product or provide a link in captions to redirect your audience to your business page.

11. Include your brand’s logo in the visuals. When your logo shines through the graphic, it gives a sense of originality and trust.

Bonus Pinterest strategy insights

Pinterest works best for businesses & brands that offer scope for creating visual content, such as photography, fashion labels, DIY crafts, restaurants, e-commerce stores, and design-driven ventures.

However, even big brands like Air Asia have started using Pinterest to engage their audience and build a presence on one of the fastest-growing social media platforms on the Internet in 2023.

Creating a social media strategy for Pinterest requires deep research, content planning, designing, and sharing work. Hence, established businesses keep dedicated teams to manage and grow their Pinterest presence.

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