Build Brand Identity – 100 Online Marketing Tips and Ideas

Ask anyone who implements Online branding strategies  to build brand identity online and he will tell you how mind boggling it can be, especially for people who are new to it. There are already thousands of blogs on ‘how to build a brand identity online’ but most of them are pretty vague and don’t tell exactly what to do. We hated that, and hence decided to create a super list of 100 things to do to build a brand name online.

These brand identity tips, ideas, and hacks are true for small businesses, professionals, and even established brand. Let’s not waste any more time, and get straight to offline and online brand building:

Online Brand Building Strategies – Facebook

With more than 2 billion daily users, Facebook has become the perfect target for building your brand online. If used wisely, its huge potential marketplace can help you build your  business’s brand name proactively.

  1. Create official Facebook page and optimize it correctly for your industry and expertise.
  2. Share images, blogs, data, videos, and everything relevant at least 4 times a week.
  3. Post Facebook videos to engage with your audience and get valuable data from Facebook insights.
  4. Engage with your audience through comments. Focus on building relationships through personal interactions.
  5. Become part of Facebook groups and add value through quality content sharing.
  6. Tell your clients to review you on Facebook and build brand authority online.
  7. Explore the meme culture to connect with young audience and  strategize branding online.
  8. Run paid ad campaigns focused on branding and promotion. A small amount wisely spent can make a big impact.
  9. Give unmatched support to your customers on Facebook by checking your messages regularly.
  10. Boost your posts every once in a while to get on top of your followers’ feed.

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Online Branding Strategies – Build brand name via Twitter

A single, well curated tweet if it goes viral can help your business reach new heights. Exploit this social media platform to build your brand name online by following the below tips and hacks.

  1. Join Twitter and optimize it for relevant business and branding terms. One of the most preferred   online branding strategies
  2. Tweet on regular intervals to keep your followers updated. Don’t create a Twitter account and forget about it.
  3. Monitor Twitter hashtags that are important to your industry, and engage in real time conversations.
  4. Participate in Twitter chats to establish credibility and build your brand name at a bigger level.
  5. Use Twitter for reaching out to influencers and explore marketing possibilities.
  6. Share valuable content that your audience will find helpful. It shouldn’t necessarily belong to you.
  7. Engage with others by retweeting, quoting or mentioning them.
  8. Participate in Twitter hashtags to grow your following.
  9. Reply to everyone who reaches out to you.
  10. Don’t use automated messages to reply to new followers. Remember, personalization is the key.

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Build Brand Identity – Via Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms which can be used for marketing your business online. By adopting the online brand building strategies listed below you can mark your business’s presence on the internet.

  1. Make official Instagram profile and share amazing clicks and short videos.
  2. Show your audience behind the scenes shots. Share photos of your workplace, team, and work.
  3. Create Photo stories and share multiple photos so that the images in your feed flow together.
  4. Convert testimonials into images and share them on Insta. Or share clicks of clients with testimonial in the text body.
  5. Use hashtags to discover future customers and connect with them.
  6. Use Instagram for photography inspiration and learn new skills.
  7. Follow popular accounts of your industry to discover new ways to engage you’re your audience.

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Build Brand Name Online –  Other Channels

Except Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are tons of other online channels to help you market your business better. Incorporate the below brand building identity tips in your marketing scheme and see the difference in coming times!

  1. Create official Tumblr to post multimedia and visual content. The micro blogging site is highly relevant for creative field of work.
  2. Use Pinterest to create dedicated boards for different products or offerings. They also have ranking potential if optimized correctly.
  3. Share your blogs, images, and other brand media content on Pinterest.
  4. Join popular business social networking, Apsense and start building your network.
  5. Take your business to discovery engines like Stumbleupon if you cater to a global audience and want to build brand identity online.
  6. Join Flickr if you are into photography, artwork or work in any other creative line of work.
  7. Publish documents, Slides, and PPTs on popular channels like Slideshare and Slideboom
  8. Set a LinkedIn Business Page and Product Showcase Page to get visibility on the biggest professional network of the world.
  9. Create insightful podcasts to reach new audience and channelizing platforms like Soundcloud.
  10. Investing in visual media like infographics and explainer videos to introduce your brand.

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Strategies –  Build Brand Name by Blogging

Do you have a blog? If not, add it today in the list of your brand building strategy! Through your company’s blog, you can give your audience a hint of your niche and this will aid in building your brand name too.

  1. Create an official blog on your website to speak about your products and publish diverse content. Blog is the perfect branding building medium since it adds fresh content to your website and gives you customers something new to explore. It should be included in your online branding strategies.
  2. Also setup a Medium blog for your official brand since it attains ranking quickly and score high in terms of engagement and sharing.
  3. Share your blogs and Medium posts with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social channels that allow sharing.
  4. Find the right balance of original thought and keyword focused posts to get maximum mileage from blogging and build brand identity online.
  5. Engage with readers through comments section to keep them coming back for more.
  6. Setup email newsletter to send your recent work directly to your customer’s inbox.
  7. Make the most of every blog post by sharing it vastly. Check out this blog post to generate more brand mileage from blog.

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Build Brand Identity–  Grow with YouTube

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users spread across the globe. It will be foolish not to include it into your brand building strategy as video content is still at the top when it comes to user engagement.

  1. Create official YouTube channel for your business/brand and post high quality videos from time to time. Creating a great YouTube channel is considered the best online branding strategy to reach millions of people.
  2. Share your YouTube videos in relevant online communities and social platforms (created above) to build brand identity online
  3. Widen reach of your Youtube videos by sharing them on blogging platforms through integration.
  4. Post video testimonials from your satisfied customers/clients. They can be huge brand assets online.
  5. Use YouTube to announce new products and events. Don’t forget to optimize every blog for relevant search terms and brand name.
  6. Create a Brand Story video on YouTube and embed it on your website and distribute it in social media.

Build Brand Name – Via Optimizing Official Website

Your official website is the doorway to your business. Building your brand identity can be done by improving your website’s appeal and content. Work on its On-page as well as Off-page SEO.

  1. Get your professional business website and official email emails to make a strong impact on potential clients/customers.
  2. Optimize your website to rank high for relevant business queries on search engines like Google and Bing.
  3. Link your most important social channels with your website to build brand credibility and authority online.
  4. Share detailed case studies and ebooks on website to share your expertise and experience with potential clients.
  5. Add Team, Testimonials, and Contact Us pages to make an impression on website visitors.
  6. Build a website which works smoothly on mobile devices as well since that’s where the world is.
  7. Don’t be a penny pincher when it comes to critical branding elements like logo and website. Hire a professional for the job.
  8. Always keep improvements on your business website by making enhancements and adding new features.
  9. Build your website on a technology you can manage on your own. Our favourite is WordPress and similar CMS technologies. Learn more.

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Build Brand Online –  Using Advertising and Promotion

Paid promotion in the form of advertising is also a great means to drive traffic to your business. When building your brand online, use advertising smartly to market your product and services at their best.

  1. Publish press releases to popular PR sites to get presence on News category of Google and build brand through this efficient online branding strategy
  2. Invest small amount of money on branding every month on cost effective channels like Facebook
  3. Explore QA sites to talk about your business or services. Find relevant questions and mention your business without sounding promotional.
  4. Approach top media sites and blogs for guest blogging. Contribute top quality content to build your brand online.
  5. Invest in email marketing to connect with people through the most widely used medium on the internet by professionals.
  6. Invest in SEO to dominate top search results for brand related queries.
  7. Build your portfolio on sites like Dribbble and Behence if you work in design and technology.

Brand Build Online –  Becoming a Brand Promoter

Get in touch with communities where discussions related to your business take place. This is a good strategy to build your own brand online by sharing your expertise with like minded people.

  1. Talk to people on online communities and discussion forums. Introduce your brand and answer their questions. This online branding strategy involves talking to like minded people & promoting your business.
  2. Comment on relevant blogs and publications to share your expertise. This might send business your way.
  3. Tell your friends to share your venture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  4. Reach out to industry influencers and build professional relationships with them.
  5. Find interview sites and blogs that publish success stories to take your brand name to new platforms.
  6. Reach out to your virtual friends to help you spread the word about your business.
  7. Mine your professional network (LinkedIn) to discover people that might be interested in what you have to offer.

Brand Building Identity – Adopting Offline Marketing Methods 

Building your brand is not just about online marketing. Using offline sources to market your business is also a great way to communicate with your audience who were left untouched during your online brand building campaigns.

  1. Use newspapers and local magazines as communication media to promote your brand.
  2. Paste creative posters related to your new product or special offer in the neighborhood.
  3. Put a board outside your store or shop to communicate with passers-by. The marketing and branding trick is widely used be restaurants to share witty quotes and offers.
  4. Use radio to talk about your product and brand to reach a wider audience at a really small time.
  5. Give away business brochures, cards or pamphlets with every product purchase to reach new people.
  6. Attend or participate in trade shows to get more exposure for your brand offline.
  7. Sponsor local events or give away prizes to winners. This will make them remember you for a really long time.
  8. List yourself in free local business directories to reach local audience that might be interest in your product or service.
  9. Connect with local influencers and enter brand partnerships.

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Bonus points to Strategize Brand Online

Adding icing on the cake, here are some bonus tips and hacks to boost your brand online and get a lead in the competition. Here are the brand building tips you must know!

  1. Be awesome to your employees so that they become your brand ambassadors outside office or workplace as well.
  2. Leave no opportunity to talk about your business and how it is helping people and generating value for everyone.
  3. Create a nurturing work environment for your staff and talk about it online. It will not only help you become a brand but also attract top talent to your business.
  4. Get branded stationary so that your business gets more visibility.
  5. Collaborate with others to create value for local community
  6. Associate your brand with a non-profit or social cause to make a bigger impact.
  7. Print t-shirts with your company logo and gift to your team.
  8. Include joining relevant business discovery platform (Foursquare for restaurants)  in your online branding strategies checklist to strengthen your online presence
  9. Be extra careful while using business profiles. Big blunders happen when they are confused with personal ones.
  10. Become part of mega online stores to take your brand to a bigger online platform.
  11. Don’t go on an overdrive to join social networks. Join the ones you can manage.
  12. Always try to walk in your customer’s shoes. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Build Brand Online- Tracking and monitoring

Building an online brand is not enough. You need to track and maintain its presence. Here are the things you must do to maintain your online goodwill like a pro!

  1. This online branding strategy includes web tracking with Google Alerts to see what people are speaking about your business. Very important to build brand identity online.
  2. Keep an eye on business review websites like Yelp to make sure that no one is spoiling your brand image with bad reviews.
  3. Google your business name and key people every once in a while to see if something embarrassing has emerged online.
  4. Handle negative reviews, defaming blogs and social testimonials with utmost care. Seek help from online reputation experts or just email us at
  5. Get everything good you do out there to strengthen your online presence.
  6. And in the end, try to implement at least half of what we have said.

Phew, this was long.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if this blog taught you something that will help you to strategize your Brand & identity online and offline. In case you need help with digital marketing, SEO, social media, reputation management, or anything else for that matter, simply connect with us and we will sort everything.

Take care!

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