16 On-page SEO Techniques to Rank Higher on Google

While Google uses a lot of factors to determine the ranking of a website, on-page SEO is one of its major factors. Don’t know what’s on-page SEO? Here’s a quick definition:

The practice of optimizing content, web pages, and media on your website to rank higher on search engines is known as on-page SEO. 

A lot of business owners are not aware of the best on-page SEO techniques and hence end up struggling with ranking. That’s why we decided to create this list on-page SEO post!

Learn about the best on-page SEO techniques to rank higher on Google.

On page seo

Let’s start!

On-page SEO techniques 

Below tips and technique: are helping small and midsize businesses grow their sales and profits.

Choose right keywords: Without proper keywords, it is hard to execute on-page SEO correctly for business growth. Use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs to find low competition and relevant keywords for your business. 

If you are low on budget and need a free keyword research tool, then, consider using Uber Suggest. It has only a few free searches per day but it will get the job done for small business owners. 

Create right heading tags: We all have heard “First impression is the last impression” and the same applies to on-page SEO. H1, H2, and H3 play a major role in telling visitors as well as bots about your web page and content on it.

Add the most important keywords in the heading tags to boost the chances of ranking. A simple on-page SEO technique to win higher rankings!

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Make neat URLs: Also known as Uniform Resource Locator, it’s a web address that tells about the business name and web page. Add relevant keywords to your web page URL to make it more communicative.

On page seo

Make sure you are not creating lengthy URLs for your web pages. Also, skip-stop words (like is, a, and are) while creating the URL. 

Keep content lengthy: It’s a proven fact that long-form content ranks higher on the search engines and improves engagement. While creating content for your web pages, it’s best to write 500+ words to grab the eye of Google bots.

Write a minimum of 800 words while creating blogs for your website. Businesses active in highly competitive industries write blogs with a 2000+ word count as well!

Take care of internal linking: Many businesses skip internal linking assuming it does not play a major role in ranking. Well, it’s very important from the ranking point of view. Target specific keywords while internal linking to improve the ranking of your web pages.

Make sure to link the right page with the right anchor text on your website. Use top-ranking pages to build links for lower-ranking ones!

Increase website speed: Visitors often jump back to the search results page if a website is taking too much time to load. Google also ranks higher the websites with good loading speed.

Use online tools to check your website speed regularly and especially after technical changes. Page Speed Insights by Google is a good tool to check the same.

Embrace mobile-friendliness: The internet traffic from mobile phones crossed 54% of total traffic in 2021. No wonder there is a big chance that your potential customers also visit your website through their smart devices. That’s why it’s a good SEO practice to make your website mobile-friendly.

On page seo

If your website is not delivering a superb experience on mobile devices, it’s time to talk with your developers and get an upgrade. 

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Improve user experience: Websites with bad user experience often face low rankings on Google and Bing. From page speed, usability, and structure, everything comes together to determine user experience and engagement.

Conduct a thorough website UX check every month to identify bugs, errors, and improvement areas. A solid on-page SEO technique if you ask us! 

Use visual content: Content without images, videos, and graphics is boring and is usually not able to impress visitors. Use high-quality images on your web pages to communicate crucial brand messages.

Add alt text and image description to make sure that they are fit for ranking high on Google Images. In case you have an amazing product or brand video, consider featuring it on the homepage!

Create fresh content: We love websites that get a frequent supply of fresh content. But do you know that Google loves it too? Yes, it does! Search online to discover topics and trends worth talking about and cover the same through blogs. 

Avoid copying from competitors’ websites since it may damage your brand image. 

Optimize page content: Trying to improve the ranking of a specific page? Upgrading its content could help. Optimize the old content on the page by adding new sentences and paragraphs. 

A lot of times, design limits website owners from adding more content to the page. In such a scenario, consider adding text at the end of the page!  

Benefit from comments: A lot of businesses make the mistake of turning off the comments. That’s something you shouldn’t do if you are trying to improve ranking. Comments help add fresh content and updates to a web page and the same supports on-page. 

This is an easy on-page SEO technique to boost ranking and traffic. 

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Go aggressive on content: If you have created a new website and want Google mileage for it, then, it is best to go aggressive on content. Some businesses choose a visual design for the website and limit content in every way. This greatly hampers search performance. 

Since you can only add so much content on the product or service pages, create 5 to 8 high-quality blog posts every month. This will help with internal linking as well!

Remove errors: Websites with errors and bugs drop from search engine ranking because Google doesn’t want people discovering websites with technical issues. Don’t hesitate to hire a team of expert designers and developers to troubleshoot the errors once and for all. 

On page seo

Find new ways to make the website more user-friendly for your potential customers.

Integrate structured data: You must have noticed some search results on Google highlighting specific information. That happens with the help of structured data. Structured data is the easiest way to classify the content of a page for better visibility. 

Since this is something that will require a thorough reading to understand, check out this structured data guide by Google. 

Embrace UX-rich design: All businesses should aspire to make their websites simple and easy to navigate. And the easiest way to do that is embracing a UX rich design. 

If you plan on launching a new website, engaging a UX designer and experienced developer is the easiest way to accomplish the same. Your on-page SEO will automatically get a boost. 

Resolve Search Console issues: For those who don’t know, Search Console is a free tool by Google that helps webmasters discover technical issues related to duplication, design, tags, indexing, etc.   

Check your Search Console at least twice a month for new issues and errors. This is a simple on-page SEO technique to stay on top of your SEO game. 

On-page SEO techniques: Wrapup

The above on-page SEO techniques are helping millions of businesses and brands to improve user experience and rank higher on search engines. 

If it seems too complicated to handle on your own, it makes sense to engage a team of SEO experts to handle the same. Email us at hello@upreports.com to request a free consultation about online marketing.

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