Killer Content Marketing Strategy –Tips & Tactics For 2020-21

91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing strategies & techniques to grow traffic, sales, and leads. This is the reason why a dedicated content marketing strategy is a must for your overall online marketing plan in 2020-21. Content is how modern businesses and entrepreneurs are engaging the audience, communicating with customers, and attracting clients.

While content creation is one thing, marketing is an entirely different ballgame in itself. To help you with the task of creating killer content marketing strategy, our team of marketers and growth experts are sharing the best content marketing tips, tactics, and techniques.

Read on to add more firepower to your content marketing strategy in 2020:

Highly targeted landing pages

Different things matter to different customer groups. Hence, it makes perfect sense to deploy focused landing pages for all of them while running paid campaigns. Use landing page creation platforms like Instapage to create high-quality landing pages or consult a team to create the same from scratch.

The best content marketing strategy tip is to aim unique keywords for the landing pages that the customer is fervent about. This will give you maximum bang for your paid campaign spend!

Audience segmentation

According to DMA, 77% of email marketing ROI came from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns. Audience segmentation is a process of dividing an audience into homogeneous subgroups based on some conventions, motivations, and triggers.

This content marketing technique will make your content marketing campaigns more productive by targeting audiences based on their behavioural cues and motivations. Another highly recommended content marketing tactic for marketers in 2020-21.

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Query focused content

Whether you are selling gift wrap or software products, your customers will have some product or service related queries to which they are looking for answers. In 2021, dedicate content creation efforts in answering their queries.

Because both opportunities and profits lie with the audience, it is important to embrace an audience focused approach.

Dig into Search Console and invest in competitor analysis tools to analyse what your audience is looking for and try to create content to address the biggest queries. Once you have high quality queries focused content, push it through social media campaigns.

Better captions, titles, & images

According to Copyblogger, on an average, 8 out of 10 people will read headlines and only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the content. Creating a strong headline is the best content marketing strategy ever. Make sure that your blog titles, ad campaign headlines, and banner images tell a story.

Your blog titles should leave readers craving for more. Social images should be top quality and perfectly align with your brand identity while also being a visual treat. Remember, internet users have matured and no longer interact with everything put in front of them.

Start curating content

According to a survey led by Curata, among 400 marketers, a majority of the marketers are utilising content curation for driving traffic & sales. But the question is how can content curation work as a content marketing tactic?

Curation gives your business and brand exposure to new websites, channels, audience, and also publishers.

Let’s face it: Content creation in modern times is a complex task. Hence, wouldn’t it be best to first make sure that top quality content is milked completely?

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Create editorial calendar

Editorial calendar is used by marketers to organize and categorize the content they plan to publish in near future. Having an editorial calendar helps you streamline publishing and makes sure that you churn out top quality content regularly by fixing timelines. Create content based on the topics that the audience is interested in and find a suitable template for your editorial calendar to make team coordination & content management easier.

Get customized editorial calendars online on websites like CoSchedule. This content marketing technique can also become part of your content development strategy.

Raise self-promotional game

There has been a lot of talk about creating valuable content for target audiences but we cannot ignore that from time to time we must go ahead and say that we are the best’ at what we do. Actually, not just say it but actually prove it by pushing through engaging promotional media through content marketing efforts.

Studies reveal that 84% of online audiences trust reviews and testimonials as it helps them make decisions. So, why not make them part of your content marketing and curation strategy?  Always ask your potential clients to write testimonials for you and make sure that they are placed in visibility of the audience.

Give the paid push

Most of us accept the power of content and are making all possible effort to create content that our audience finds useful. However, just creating content and sharing it on social media or sending it through your newsletter is not enough. Some content is too good for that.

For such amazing content pieces, visuals, or media, consider giving some paid push through the most relevant channel. This paid push can be:

  1. Shoutout from an influencer
  2. Social media paid campaign
  3. Feature post on third party publication
  4. Content redistribution

Work with above 10 content marketing strategies in 2019 to maximise your search traffic and build a stronger business.

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Content Marketing Strategy- Key Benefits

Formulating a practical content creation and marketing strategy can help businesses at various important spheres. The major ones are listed below:

  • Increased audience retention
  • Better social media traction
  • Establishing audience trust
  • Lead generation
  • Improved conversations
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Higher authority

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Business owners often confuse content creation and content marketing but both are very different from each other. While high quality content is prerequisite to generate audience interest, it requires the ‘marketing push’ to reach the right place. Above content marketing tips, tactics, and techniques will certainly help you hit the bull’s eye and strengthen your digital presence.

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