Why we recommend CMS websites to small business owners?

Digitization of businesses has been happening at a rapid pace. Small businesses too are making the digital move to find new customers and markets but their limited understanding of technology often limits their prospects. Websites act as storefronts for small business owners. They should be easy to manage, scale, and market. But that’s not the case always.

When developing small business website on a technology (like .net or HTML) that requires technical knowhow for management, things can get a little out of hand. Here’s what all goes wrong all the time:

Higher costs – For managing a website you cannot make sense of, you need someone who does. And he is not going to come for free. This will add unnecessary burden on your digital budget and something that can avoided by going for CMS tech.

Unnecessary delays – Website updates and strategic updates that you can do on your own now requires help of someone else. What could be done in few minutes now takes a day or two of coordination. Sometimes even more.

Less control – When you hire someone to develop your business website on technologies like .NET or even HTML, you lose the control that you should have as a business owner. Now, you are dependent on someone else to get done what you want.

We didn’t make all this up

Many of our digital marketing clients have business websites that run on non-CMS technologies and they have reported all the above. So, the lesson to take home is ‘CMS is best for small businesses’.

NOTE: Even if your friend says he will build your website on .net or HTML framework over the weekend for FREE, you should probably say NO.

What the dank is a CMS website?

Heard about WordPress? It’s a CMS.

CMS websites are driven by technology that empowers site owners to make additions and updates related to text, graphics, and pages on their own. You don’t need to be a coder or geek to figure out Content Management System (CMS) driven websites. And in case you love numbers, here’s an impressive one for you.

Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of CMS websites for small businesses owners:

Benefits of CMS websites for small businesses

Huge time savings: Content management system makes it super easy to publish blogs, make page updates, and change website details with zero knowhow of coding. This saves your time as well as money since there is no need to hire a web developer.

Ease of management:  Running a business is so exhausting that owners don’t have much time left to publish content. Thanks to WordPress, you can give limited access of your website to multiple users and get the work done. This means your friend or a trusted freelancer can get the work done without compromising site security.

NOTE: Blogging is super easy is WordPress. Here’s what you got to do to make the most of your amazing blog posts.

Quick implementation: A website based of WordPress or any other CMS can easily be updated to make enhancements in terms of content, images, keywords, targeting, and much more. CMS makes it easy to update the site without disturbing the entire structure.

Design upgrades: CMS technology takes away struggle of meddling with HTML and code. It empowers site owners to easily customize the website design. You don’t have to be an expert coder for design customization, color changes, theme updates, and graphic related changes. With the right theme, everything is easy as pie.

Total control:  CMS driven websites give complete control in the hands of website owners. You don’t have to depend on web developers or freelancers to make updates on your business website. In short, you are the king with CMS.

At Upreports, we build amazingly affordable CMS driven websites for small businesses that impress customers and give complete control in the hands of owners.

Our team also plans detailed marketing guides and resources to help business owners grow online. Check out our recent blog about taking your offline business online at minimum spend.

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