5 Things to Create Perfect Homepage for Small Business Websites

Small business websites are different from midsize and corporate websites. They have fewer pages and are usually built on a small website design budget. But this means nothing for their customers. They want their information and are as restless as any other internet user for it.

Today, we are sharing 5 critical elements that will help you convert your small business website homepage into a sales machine. Read on and make sure that your hired designer makes space for these on homepage:

Phone number

Businesses make the mistake of hiding the phone number in Contact Us page. Now, mobile number is not something so big that it can’t find a corner on homepage of your website.

It is the quickest medium to get in touch with you and that’s why it deserves to be placed in the first fold of the website. Top right corner of the website would be good place for it.

Physical address

Some people know about your business but aren’t sure about the address. To help such customers reach you in a jiffy, make space for your physical address on the homepage of your small business website.

Footer is the perfect location for the physical address. Don’t forget to mention the landmark if your store is located in a rather busy market. We guarantee that your customers would love this.


Website visitors ought to be immediately introduced to your happy customers and what they think about your products. That’s why you have to make space for customer reviews and testimonials.

After introducing your business and offerings, plan a section for words from your loyal customers. They will convince potential customers to become real ones.

Social media links

Social media has become the go-to resource to see the real self of small as well as big businesses. If you are active on social media, then, flaunt your best performing social profiles on the homepage.

Just like phone number, they won’t take up space. Footer is one of the best places to host social media buttons. Placing them beside the phone number will also work just fine.

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Staff images

Is your business powered by a hardworking team? If the answer is yes, take the opportunity to introduce your staff on the homepage itself. It greatly adds to the human factor and encourages visitors to connect with you.

Small businesses might not have the size of a big corporate entity but they can certainly push up product sales and client queries by optimizing their presence online.

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