Best Free and Paid Keyword Search Tools for SEO

Did you know there are over 500 Million brand-new keywords searched every day on Google alone? That’s precisely why it is important for content creators to use relevant keywords for their content. 

Without proper keyword research, it is pretty hard to create SEO-friendly content. Thankfully, there are free and paid keyword research tools available to help content creators find the right keywords and search phrases.

In this post, Upreports – a leading digital marketing agency in India – has decided to compile a list of the best paid and free keyword search tools along with their benefits. 

Let’s start with our keyword research tool list!

But first, let’s underline what a keyword means for those who are new to the term.

Keywords are the ideas and topics that people search online to define the content and locate information.  

keyword search tool

Keyword search tools for SEO


This free keyword research tool by Neil Patel has gained popularity in the past few years. You can search from head terms to long-tail keywords and get hundreds of free keyword suggestions to choose the most relevant keywords.

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that makes things easier for businesses by generating a list of keywords that are working best for competitors. However, you can run only 3 keyword searches for free per day.

Keywords Everywhere

It is a keyword research browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that works more or less similar to Ubersuggest. Keywords Everywhere delivers in-depth insights about specific keywords including search volume, CPC, & competition on multiple websites.

Initially, it was a free keyword analysis tool but now it has changed its status to paid. It helps in easing the process of finding the exact keywords that your audience is searching for.

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Built by Reddit, Keyworddit is a free keyword idea generator that provides search volume data and keywords ideas related to people searching on Reddit. By using this tool, SEO professionals can pump out the relevant keywords from a subreddit that are niche-related.

This free keyword research tool helps to improve SEO by offering ideas that people are already searching for. With a simple user interface, the researcher just has to type the keyword and select the related subreddit.


It is a paid keyword research tool that helps online marketers to elevate their marketing strategy by providing winning keyword ideas. It also has an option to search backlinks, prepare audit reports, and analyze competitors’ websites.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer helps online marketers to discover thousands of relevant keyword ideas, analyze their ranking, and calculate traffic potential for business growth. However, even the paid version of this tool has keyword search limits.

keyword search tool


Commonly known as Google Spy, is a keyword research tool that simplifies the keyword research task. Type the domain you want to analyze and get instant insights into the most important keywords you aren’t ranking for. Moreover, it brings unlimited keyword search options to make sure you get more than what you are looking for.

SpyFu brings the keyword metrics directly from the Google Keywords Planner and creates a list of the highest CPC and search volume keywords.


Another paid keywords search tool that works differently when compared above mentioned keyword search tools. Semrush doesn’t show you a long list of keywords, it simply shows the keywords that your business competitors are already ranking for.

The keywords shown by Semrush are usually long-tail keywords that are analyzed and filtered by search intent. According to Upreports, this is one of the best keyword search tools preferred by millions of SEO experts globally. 

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We hope that the above list of keyword search tools will help you to discover the best industry-specific keywords.

Now, let’s discover the benefits of keyword search and how it significantly impacts the organic page ranking in search engines. 

Benefits of keywords search

Gives you the right direction: Using the right set of keywords helps in getting the right direction toward ranking web pages on search engines. While doing keyword research, you will get an idea of what queries people are searching for and how you can create your content to reach the relevant audience.

keyword research tools

Discover new topics: Doing keyword research in the right way brings the opportunity to discover new topics for your business. There are a number of free and paid tools available online that can help you detect ideal keywords and curate content related to these keywords. 

Saves time: Creating content without focusing on the ideal keywords is a waste of time. Moreover, researching industry-focused keywords can also consume a lot of time but doing it with the help of keyword search tools will provide you with instant results. 

Take care of competition analysis: Every business owner takes business online for success and growth. However, doing keyword research before taking it online will help you to discover which keywords are essential for your business in order to get discovered by customers.

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Gets you social shares: If you are producing content relevant to your audience, there will be a high chance of getting more qualified traffic. Getting more qualified traffic directly means getting more business consultations. So, make sure to produce content that your audience is looking for.

keyword search tool

Helps in targeting the right audience: From a business point of view, discovering the ideal keyword is highly crucial to targeting the right audience. Keyword research gives you a clear indication about what type of queries your targeted audience is searching for.

Keyword search tools: Final thoughts

The above post will help you discover the best free and paid keyword search tools for SEO and the benefits of using ideal keywords. If you are struggling to create ace content for your website, we recommend hiring a professional content creator for your website. 

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