Does Competitors Outrank You on Google? Here’s a Guide to Zoom Ahead

There’s nothing more frustrating than having competitors appearing above you on Google’s first page through paid ads and organic results. Not only is your rival taking away your business but also hampering your brand’s authority. It is time to fix this and UpReports will help you with it.

Read on to discover how to stop your competitor from ranking above you by channelizing Google ads and advanced optimization tactics. Let’s start with paid ads.

Competitor analysis

Your competitor’s ad is appearing on the first page for a reason. So, it doesn’t make sense to start PPC and optimization work without doing a thorough competitor checkup. This will introduce us to:

  • Competitor strengths
  • Keyword competition
  • New marketing opportunities

Analysis and extensive keyword research will help you identify keywords and search phrases most crucial for your company. You will get data and everyone knows data-driven decision-making maximizes results.

Run an ad yourself

We are sorry to say this but Google ads will always appear above organic search results. This is the bitter truth and the only way to counter the damage is to run an ad yourself. You already know:

  • Search phrases that are important for you.
  • Keywords working for competitors
  • Insights of planning a killer PPC campaign

What, you don’t the last one? Well, it is a science as well as an art. We would recommend reading MOZ blog for learning the ABC of running effective PPC campaigns. Or you can get in touch with us to rank your ad above your rivals.

In case you are already running a PPC campaign and it is not performing for you, then, there might be something wrong with the landing page. Hence, our next point.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are tricky little things. If you have your website’s homepage as your landing page, then, stop hoping it will work for you. Create a landing page focused on ad copy to check bounce rate. This makes sure that visitor explores your offerings. Focus areas will be:

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Ad testing and AB testing for landing pages
  • Performance tracking and tweaks
  • Interactive media recommendations

Spend time to optimize the website for relevant keywords as well to further improve its authority on Google. Landing page planning and design might not influence your ad score but it will play a critical role in conversions from it. So, make sure you hit the bull’s eye with that.

Now, we have covered the most critical factors for neutralizing the ad of your competitors for your brand name related searches. But just occupying the ad position is not enough.

Because we want you to rule Google’s first page, we deep-dived to discover the easiest ways to get your business assets on first page. Here they are!

Social media

Your focus should be on channels with high ranking potential, ad value, and audience presence. Facebook and LinkedIn are the most valuable social media platforms for businesses and brands.

Publish content with a focus on:

  • Connection building
  • Business interactions

Your work approach should take into consideration keywords, tags, images, audience engagement, and everything else important to succeed in social media. While staying active and relevant on Facebook and LinkedIn is critical, it is also important to deploy strategies for increasing:

  • Page likes
  • Guest engagement
  • Query generation

So, think about all the social angles to dominate the first page.

Search engine optimization

You have already done industry deep-dive and competitor analysis. So, you have the insights to generate search advantage for your business. Use that know-how and look into critical ranking parameters like Meta details to make website enhancements.

Go through the website content for finding the scope of adding keywords and search queries discovered during competitor analysis and keyword research. Got a blog? Use Google Analytics to dig out the top performing posts and further optimize them for search engines.

Business listing creation

Online business directories are widely trusted for discovering new businesses and vendors. Conduct thorough research to discover relevant directories and list your business on them along with critical business details like location, offerings, etc.

This works like magic for small businesses and location relevant ventures. Also be proactive in tracking what your customers are talking about you online. This will help you in keeping your business results positive.

Googling local businesses has become the norm and if you still don’t care about putting your business on Google Maps and Local Business directories, prepare for a rough ride ahead. Need any help with that? We are just an email away!

Drop your business requirements at to hear from our brilliant team of digital marketers.

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