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In last decade, Google has made a sea change in how it chooses first page results. Over 200 ranking parameters come into play to determine ranking of a page or resource on Google. In such a scenario, what businesses need is a team that understands the core of modern SEO and is ready to go the extra mile to put you on the top spot.

Being the top SEO services provider of India, UpReports helps businesses and entrepreneurs claim top visibility by using a mix of best SEO practices, marketing tools, analytics expertise, and creativity. We offer advanced SEO services which are tailored to the unique nature of your business. And best part is that we deliver premium quality SEO services at affordable prices!

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Do you know that 50% of Googlers are using keywords with 4 or more words in it? At a time when Google is rolling out algorithm updates in real time, it is of utmost importance to partner with a professional SEO services provider with deep experience in modern SEO and marketing practices. Being the leading SEO agency of India, we are handling search visibility for the smallest as well as the largest brands out there. Our clients are based in USA, China, Middle East, Australia, Canada, and India as well. Have a look at client case studies that prove our experience in Search Engine Optimization.

Client details: Coaching institute
Project goal: To rank Maps listing and business assets for critical business keywords.
Results: Top Google Maps ranking, first page website visibility, and more phone inquiries.
Client details: Global LED supplier
Project goal: To improve SEMrush score, ranking for critical keywords & overall visibility.
Results: SEMrush score above 80, ranking for over 100 keywords, and strong online presence

Local & Global SEO Services

Local SEO

If you run a local business and haven't optimized your assets for local searches, you are losing 80% of your potential customers. By following proven local SEO practices, we will ensure that your business doesn’t miss sight of local audience.

Local SEO practices:

  • ‘Google My Business’ listing growth
  • Assets optimization for local searches
  • Location specific pages & content creation
  • Local business listing & management
  • Reviews management & growth

Global SEO

Businesses with global customer or client base require an SEO strategy that crosses borders and generate international mileage. Our team of professional SEO experts are currently improving Google visibility for businesses active in over 100 countries.

Global SEO practices:

  • Brand presence growth on international platforms
  • Multilingual targeting and international geotargeting
  • Rigorous onsite SEO for premium visibility
  • Highly targeted native content for multiple channels
  • Reviews management and global brand growth

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Best SEO agency out there

With a blend of modern SEO tactics complimented by imaginative online marketing, we build strong Google presence for our every SEO client. This is the reason why we are recommended by entrepreneurs and CEOs running the most promising ventures in the world. Have a look at some client reviews that validate our claim of top SEO company in India!

Team Upreports goes the extra mile when it comes to consulting on strategic or technical issues. We are very appreciative of the efforts they put in and make us visible to our clients globally.

Ekattva Yogshala, India

A one stop shop for professional, swift and high quality digital marketing & SEO services. We have been working with Upreports for almost a year and I highly recommend their services.

Heels & Feels, London

I connected many digital marketing companies in US as well but they were out of my budget. These folks did a great in just 6 months of work. Highly recommended.

Daniel, USA

UpReports - More than Affordable SEO

SEO may seem easy in theory, but in practice, it is a laborious and oftentimes a tricky job. And if you don’t have the required SEO knowhow and experience, it could end up consuming a lot of time. Time, which you should rather be spending on your business operations and customers.

As your partner SEO agency, we will do the heavy lifting so that you focus on your business, vision, and growth. Below is why leading offline and online businesses have ranked us as the top SEO company of India:

  • Proven & modern SEO strategies only
  • Tailored SEO & marketing solutions
  • Data driven SEO action plan
  • Competitive pricing without cutting corners
  • Premium content & media
  • In-depth market research & analysis
  • Biweekly progress reports
  • Seamless Basecamp support

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