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According to a global finding, 52% surveyors said that they don’t like to spend more than 3 minutes filling out a survey. Do you think you are planning your surveys - offline or online - the right way? Being one of the leading market research and survey companies, we understand how important market findings, audience data, and customer insights are for you. That’s why we bring modern online research and survey planning services for you.

Upreports - Trusted by Market Leaders

Our team of top rated survey planning experts and internet research scientists delivered critical research projects for global brands and entrepreneurs. Whether you want a deep dive document on ‘AI For Modern Businesses’ or wish to conduct an online survey to gather customer feedback, Team Upreports can make it happen.

Below are some online research and survey planning assignments we have already delivered!

  • Project goal: Surveying 5 Indian cities to gather mobile wallet usage data.
  • Client details: US based private equity firm
  • Projects deliverables:Survey planning, offline survey, & report generation
  • Project goal: Creating desert farming guide & playbook
  • Client details: Kuwait based entrepreneur
  • Projects deliverables:Market deepdive, playbook creation, & report generation

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Survey & Market Research Services on Offer

It is important to find out what your targeted audience thinks of your product, brand, and even competitors. To help you gather the right market insights from current as well as potential stakeholder, UpreportsInfotech brings vast range of survey planning & market research services. Below are the services that we are currently offering businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations:

Survey planning services

Get highly focused surveys and questionnaires to improve survey completion rate.

Online research services

Hire experienced marketing research service providers to gather the right insights.

Offline surveys

Deploy an offline team to gather insights from ground zero. Currently, offline surveys are only available in India

Online surveys

Gather customer feedback and client insights by running a highly focused online surveys.

Data analysis

Hire our data scientists to make sense of complex market data scattered online or collated in an Excel sheet.

Market research agency reviews & testimonials

One of the best market survey companies in India to run focused surveys and research.

Ellen Cooper, Australia

Highly recommended market research agency for data mining. Did all the heavy lifting for my startup deepdive.

Sam Walton, USA

It’s hard to separate good from average information on internet. As online market research company, Upreports helped me make sense

Gostov, Finland

Gain access to real market, audience, and growth data

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Proven Processes & Methodologies

UpreportsInfotech has become one of the leading online market research and survey companies in India by working with proven research processes and survey best practices. Our team of researchers and analysts has vast experience in survey planning, human psychology, data mining, Information Architecture, and data analysis. Below are the processes we work with while working on market research and survey projects for our global clients.


  • Survey goals
  • Survey channel decision
  • Audience research
  • Survey planning
  • Survey deployment
  • Data analysis
  • Report generation


  • Research goals
  • Research planning
  • Data mining & gathering
  • Data filtration
  • Data analysis
  • Report preparation

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Most businesses have unique target audience, business goals, and market challenges. That’s why their requirements in terms of market research and surveys are different as well. As leading market survey company and research firm of India, we understand this and hence offer tailored solutions to every client.

Hire our top rated survey and research experts for adept analysis of your market research needs.

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