Social Media Marketing FAQs for Businesses: Invest Smart in 2023

There are over 4.55 billion active social media users worldwide and the numbers are increasing every year. In fact, even news is being consumed on social media! These numbers are enough to understand why businesses and individuals have started investing in social media marketing. 

However, some businesses and entrepreneurs hesitate while investing in social media marketing. That’s why we decide to share a comprehensive list of social media marketing FAQs.

In this post, Upreports –  a leading social media marketing agency in India – will share social media marketing FAQs for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Let’s start!

Social media management faq

Social media marketing FAQs

Below are the top social media marketing FAQs:

Which social media channels can you handle?

We handle every major social media channel including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. Choosing social media channels depends on the business type and where the relevant audience is most active. While Instagram and Tiktok are most relevant for product-driven businesses, service-driven ventures focus on LinkedIn more.  

What’s the average price of social media marketing services?

Social media marketing companies in developed countries like the UK and USA charge approximately $1000 per month for managing 2 social media channels. On the other hand, Upreports charges $500 per month for managing 3 channels.

How do you create a social media strategy for a business?

Our team of social media experts analyzes the industry, audience, competitors, and goals to create an effective social media strategy. Client discussions also help in shortlisting channels, content types, and work approaches. 

Do you have a monthly package for social media management? 

Yes, we have monthly social media management packages for our clients. Our monthly package is custom in nature and depends on how many posts you want us to publish on your social media profiles. Publishing 4 posts a week costs $500 per month on average. Video content costs extra!

Social media management faq

What’s the minimum I can pay for social media management? 

As mentioned above, our social media marketing package starts from $500. However, we can create a custom package in case you wish to publish only once or twice a week. Our team of content creators, graphic designers, and social media marketers delivers social media results because we work with a comprehensive plan and count in a lot of technical factors as well.  

How many revisions can I claim if I don’t like what I see?

Since we work with a collaborative approach and break down client requirements very clearly, graphics and content created by our team rarely require changes. However, if the client wants to revise a social media post, then, we allow 2 revisions per post. However, a complete overhaul will be just one. Read on to discover more social media marketing FAQs!

Do I need to pay the amount in advance or do you work with partial payments?

Most of our social media clients pay in advance but if a client doesn’t want to pay in advance at the beginning of the association, then, we offer the option to pay 60% at the beginning of the work. After the first month, the payment is full and requested in advance. 

Can you help my business increase social media followers?

Yes, our team of social media experts focuses on increasing social media followers by publishing relevant and engaging content. We work with a lot of social media tactics to achieve this. That said, we don’t deal in paid followers since they add little value to the brand. Read on to discover more social media marketing FAQs!

Social media management faq

Why should I invest in your social media marketing services? 

We have helped 50+ clients in the past five years to grow their sales and reach through social media marketing. Our social media management team has experience of over a decade in managing social media profiles and pages for startups, enterprises, and professionals.

Can I delete bad reviews or comments on my social media handles? 

If a bad review or comment is published on your social media post, then, you can easily delete it. We personally give preference to replying with calmness to bad comments for solving the issues faced by the customers. Spam and troll comments however can be deleted right away.

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How big and experienced is your SMM team?

We have a team of 8 social media experts to handle all the social media work for our clients. Our team members have combined experience of over two decades in social media management. Our team includes copywriters, graphic designers, video creators, and social media strategists.

What makes Upreports different from other social media marketing agencies? 

Our affordable social media marketing services have helped hundreds of businesses in reaching their potential customers. We have handled social media projects for businesses active all across the globe and helped them in growing online.

Which industries have you supported with your social media marketing services?

Our team of social media managers has worked for industries as diverse as hair restoration, shoes, lighting, yoga, finance, medicine, travel, events, and IT.  

What type of posts do you create for social media? 

The nature of posts depends on the type of business. Here are the popular posts that we create:

  • Events posts
  • Festive updates
  • Quotes
  • Promotional
  • Reels
  • Hashtag based posts
  • USP driven posts
  • Team updates
  • Pool driven posts
  • Review focused posts  

Read on to discover more social media management FAQs.

Social media management faq

Do you run paid advertising campaigns for social media? 

Yes, we run paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms for our clients. The majority of our clients don’t invest in paid campaigns since they give a limited boost. Instagram and Facebook are the most popular channels for social media advertising.

Why does my business need to create a presence on social media platforms?

The number of social media users is increasing every year. There is a BIG chance that your targeted audience is also spending time on social media platforms. Creating an online presence through social media platforms will help you in boosting sales, build followers, strengthen your brand presence, and push offers. 

Social media management FAQs: Final thoughts

We hope that the above post will help you learn about the top social media marketing FAQs for businesses and entrepreneurs. Before hiring a social media marketing agency, make sure to check their online reviews and previous work before hiring them. Check out some social media marketing case studies as well!

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