15 Kickass Days at UpReports! – Marketing Internship Stories

Hi readers! My name is Vineet and I’m the newest member of Team Upreports. I recently joined the digital marketing & growth agency as an intern and have been given the opportunity to share my experience during the first 15 days of my 2-month internship. I have a lot to say. So, let’s begin right away!

The web jungle

Till now, my know-how of internet was limited to social media platforms. I learnt few things about digital marketing during my Masters in Marketing but past 15 days has been a crash course of learning.
I learned a lot of new things like SEO, social media marketing, branding, content planning, and hundreds of other things. Okay, not hundred but a lot many. I will speak about the ones that I most loved doing.

The amazing Quora

I knew vaguely about Quora but didn’t know how much potential it had in terms of brand reach and lead generation. I learnt best ways to create brand mileage on Quora and generate business queries. Did you know Quora has huge authority in the eyes of Google and can help you get into the top Google results page? I didn’t.
I worked closely with Content Planning and Marketing team of Upreports to understand the popular QA site and how to emerge as a personal brand.

Social media shenanigans

Till now, I thought social media is all about people. Now, I know that it is about marketers as well. I got first-hand experience in Facebook & Twitter advertising and content planning. I learned about:
• Hashtags relevance and usage
• Content discovery
• Content planning
• Activity Groups
• Business promotion
• Paid campaigns

The blogging bug

I have done blogging at a personal level but didn’t know that businesses and even Fortune 500 companies are doing it to reach customers, generate leads, and improve brand presence. There are promotional blogs, influential blogs, informative blogs, keyword focused blogs, and many other kinds of blogs.
In promotion blogs, we have to focus on:
• Keywords
• Internal linking
• Subtle promotion
• Images
• Engagement

Going through branding and startup growth posts contributed by Upreports on websites like Startup Nation were really enlightening as well.

Brand presence and tools

Brand presence is everything on internet. I discovered various channels with engaged audience that can be used to create awareness as well as traffic. Here are few I loved the most working on:
• Apsense
• Tons of others

More more more

Commenting for awareness is something I really liked doing. It is tricky actually and I learned how to leave comments that people appreciated and interacted with at UpReports. I also tried my hands in creative design by planning images on Canva and making amazing visual presentations on Powerpoint. Ones created by Team Upreports obviously were a great reference point.

The most educating were probably the team discussions and interactions. The best thing is that just 15 days have passed and there are still 45 to go!

Thanks for reading guys, and here’s the link to my favorite blog post of all time (It’s about building real estate websites).

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