Client Introduction & Project Goals

This online reputation management case study is focused on reputation recovery of Mr. Samson (name changed to protect client identity), a professional active in medicine field and facing defamation from a disgruntled employee. The threats came from media coverage in multiple digital newspapers. The client tried to remove bad links from Google USA by sending takedown notices to the news publications but the same generated no results. In the end, client decided to go with online reputation management services in India

The threat came from bad media coverage in multiple digital newspapers.

Client entrusted Upreports Infotech with the task of delivering a negativity-free first page of Google USA. We conducted multiple virtual discussions with client to understand the goals and set the right expectations before work commencement. Our team of online reputation managers defined the online reputation management goals as per client objectives to make sure that expected results are delivered in a timely manner.

This online reputation management case study is one of the few ORM success stories that document the complete process of reputation recovery and management. Being online of the leading online reputation management services providers of India, we think it is our duty to practice complete transperancy with people searching for online reputation management case studies to make an informed decision.

Major goals of the personal reputation management campaign:

Goal 1

Pushing down negative links from Google's first page

Goal 2

Population the first page with positive & trustworthy resources

Goal 3

Establishing client as an authority figure in medical field

Online reputation management: Work approach

Our team of online reputation managers focused on working with client's real identity as a surgeon and making it highly authoritative. Before starting the work, we reviewed the existing online presence of Mr. Samson to identify positive assets on the top 3 pages of Google USA. After a careful review of all the resources, we decided to dedicate efforts on both assets creation and optimization. This was crucial to deliver results in the quoted timeframe and write a success story that has become base of this online reputation management case study! Here are the major focus areas of our ORM strategy:

Assets Creation

Assets Optimization

Assets Authority building

"Over the span of first 2 months, we built client presence on over 50 profiles so that we are able to push down all the negative links on Google USA."

The first month was dedicated to assets creation and making sure that we get 100% right on the new persona of Mr. Samson. This is a common aspect of our online reputation management strategy to make sure that results appear quickly and client sees the value of our online reputation recovery and management work.

First 10 days were dedicated on finalizing tone, language nuances, content formats. Rest of the month was used to create cornerstone assets that carry the potential to rank quickly on first page of Google USA. The most crucial work that generated results was done in the first 4 months of work commencement. Our team of online reputation managers consistently tracked the search results to see which newly created assets were performing and which weren't.

We worked on this online reputation management project for 8 months and managed to clear the first page of Google USA for all the negative queries. The client later on renewed the agreement to tackle the second page of Google USA as well.

This online reputation management case study is one of the very few case studies available online that documents the reputation recovery strategy, process, and details in a comprehensive manner. Read this online reputation case study from Upreports India to become familiar with the work done to recover from bad online reputation!

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