Client Introduction & Project Goals

This case study documents 3-month performance of Google Adwords campaign run by Team UpReports for Ekattva Yogashala, an emerging yoga school based in Rishikesh, India. The main product of the yoga institute in 200 hours yoga teacher training certification priced at $1300.

The goal was to reach people living in developed countries and interested in making a career as yoga teacher

Major goals of Adwords campaign:

Goal 1

Ralavant Website Traffic

Goal 2

More Student Signups

Goal 3

More Course Queries

Ad Campaign Setup and Enhncements

The competition for the 'Yoga teacher training' keywords is brutal. the average bid price goes to $25. Since the client was on small advertising budget, our team undertook extensive research to create a highly focused campaign tergeted towards cheaper keywords and search phrases with less volume.

Setup Steps

Ad Grouping and ADs

Location Targeting

Use of call Extension

Enhancement Steps

Ad Timing Setup

Device Targeting

Ad Diversity

Quality Score Improvement

Ad Campaign Performance

On a small Google Adwords budget, our team managed to generated huge mileage in terms of interactions and generated program inguires that helped the yoga school run a successful first season.

Campaign generated course leads & relevant traffic worth $40,000 for Ekattva Yogshala

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