Client Introduction and Project Goals

Seniorled ( is a china based LED brand registered in the USA and Canada. The experienced team of engineers manufactures and supplies lighting products for global audience and has rich client base in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Seniorted had low SEMrush score and wanted to imporve it. The company was also looking for a team of SEO experts that can increase website ranking for critical business keywords and improve overall online presence.

Major project deliverables:

1. SEMrush score improvement
2. Ranking for critical business keywords
3. Digital asset creation

Initial Analysis, Findings and Action Plan

Our team of analysts studied the SEMrush report and discovered the real cause of ranking loss.

Content Duplication

Mobile Friendly Pages

Tag Issues

Poor Onsite Optimization

Action Plan Highlights for SEMrush

  • Tag Troubleshooting
  • Replacing Duplicate Content
  • Fixing Duplicate URLs
  • Theme and Mobile Upgrades
  • Fixing Server Response Code Related Issue

Action Plan Highlights for Ranking

  • Business Listing and Optimization
  • Content addition and updates
  • Meta Upgrades
  • Internal Linking
  • Publishing Push

Outcomes of Our Efforts

SEMrush - Optimization Results

In less than 1 month, our team reduced the number of website errors by half

When we started project, the SEMrush rank was around 60. After our optimization efforts, the rank improved to 87.

Ranking Plan - Results

In the beginning of the project, client shared a list of 30 keywords to attain ranking. In just 2 months, we started ranking for majority of the keywords. After our work, overall visibility of the website also improved drastically.

After our work, overall visibility of the website also improved drastically.

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