Why Your Business Won’t Appear on Google’s First page?

Every business owner – whether online or offline – is familiar with the potential of Google. That’s why businesses across the world are spending on PPC and SEO to reach the ‘first page’. But not all of them succeed in the endeavor. Most languish on search result pages that no one bothers to look at.

UpReports Team is here to tell you what is wrong with your Google game so that you can fix the leakages and perform better:

Your onsite and offsite SEO work sucks

This is pretty much what makes your website appear on Google’s first page. If your website and online assets haven’t been optimized to represent your business in the best way, then, stop dreaming about reach top Google search results.

You need superb onsite and offsite SEO to get in the good books of Google. Not sure what’s wrong with it? Our reports will help you find out!

Your social presence is non-existent or lame

Website isn’t the online business asset that’s capable of reaching Google’s first page. Your Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile can also break into the top results, considering they are optimized wisely.

Business owners sometimes commit the mistake of ignoring social media altogether, which is a disastrous thing to do. So, don’t do that.

Your industry is too competitive

As we said, every business wants to be on the first page on Google. The SEO rush has made the search engines up the stakes as well. This is the reason why competitive industries require advanced SEO strategies and best practices.

To rank higher amid brutal competition, you need a team of experts that work with search behavior and latest Google guidelines in mind.

Your PPC ads are messed up

When it seems tough to rank in organic searches, some businesses opt to go for paid ads. However, PPC is demanding in its own right. Ad campaigns planned and managed by people with limited insights leads to investment drain. In short, if PPC is costing you more than benefits, something is wrong.

Making your ad appear on the first page and getting relevant clicks from it is a science in itself, which brings us to our next point.

You partnered with the wrong guys

Offline businesses obviously don’t have the time and skillset to build and manage their online presence. That’s why they hire a team to do that. But sometimes, they end up hiring people with:

  • Limited skill set
  • Ancient knowhow
  • Poor track record

Therefore, it’s important to partner with right people to work on your online persona. Below points will help you hire better:

  • Check portfolio and testimonials
  • Examine online reputation
  • Request a marketing plan
  • Discuss work approach
  • Ask for stats confirming benefits to earlier clients

Reading this blog post will also help you if you have big online plans for future.

There can be many other reasons why your offline business or online venture is not performing well. Get in touch with us and we will help you discover loopholes limiting your site performance in terms of traffic, sales, and engagement.

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