Another TikTok Clone, GMB Flush, & More Weekly Updates

Wow, the past week was buzzing! November has seen some major updates from diverse industries. As always, we are here for your weekly dose of the hottest news in the field of social media, SEO, tech businesses, and growth! 

Let’s quickly go through the biggest stories of the past  week and learn what all happened in the digital world that could impact your digital marketing and growth strategy:

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Google has suspended tons of GMB listings

Twitter was flooded with a large number of complaints about the mass suspension of Google My Business listings by Google. Turns out, the search giant Google has removed tens of thousands of GMB listings within a couple of days without any prior update (as usual). Most of the business owners are saying that they didn’t violate any policy and have used the GMB for many years. 

This suspension has come in 2 types: hard and soft suspension. A “hard suspension” causes the business listing to be removed entirely from search and Google Maps. This is the most common suspension type. The other, a “soft suspension,” leaves the listing online, but the account owner can’t manage it in any way.

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Google updates search console crawl stats report

Google announced the launch of an updated version of the Google Search Console Crawl Stats report. The new Crawl Stats report has new features that offer more granular insights into how Google is crawling your website.

Google’s crawl stats report offers a 90-day accounting of all files that Googlebot has downloaded, including CSS, JavaScript, PDFs, and images. This is a welcome update to the Search Console that will be useful in helping monitor websites for any issues that might come up.

Source – Google

Snapchat’s upcoming feature is Spotlight

Spotlight, a new upcoming Snapchat feature is being described as Snapchat’s answer to TikTok as it allows users to create short videos that can be complemented with audio.

Spotlight users can create short videos up to 60 seconds in length and edit them with the caption, hashtags, and original sound recordings. Snapchat is naming the feature “Spotlight” because it is designed to highlight entertaining videos from all users, regardless of the number of followers or influence they have.

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Twitter relaunching account verifications

Twitter is bringing back public verification! This feature was paused three years ago. The news on the street is that it is being relaunched with a few changes to the process. Twitter is planning to launch this feature verification feature in early 2021. 

They have announced six types of accounts that are eligible for verification. Below are the six types of accounts identified as being eligible for verification:

  • Government
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Organizers, activists, and influential individuals
  • Brands, non-profit organizations, and brands 

Source: Twitter public verification 

YouTube to display ads on non-monetized channels 

Creators nowadays are fretting over a change in terms and conditions brought by YouTube. For those who don’t know, the platform has decided to show ads even on the channels that haven’t opted into monetization. However, there’s a twist! YouTube has decided not to pay non-monetized channels for serving ads. 

Only the creators that have joined the YouTube Partner Program to allow ads will earn money on their channel. Non-monetized channels will not have the opportunity to earn any amount of money unless or until they meet these two conditions: 

  • Having more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months. 
  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers.  

Because of such actions, a greater number of people may reduce their time spent on YouTube. Let’s see if YouTube decides to amend its new terms. But as for now, get prepared to see more ads across the platform. 

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That’s it! These are the most popular stories on social media from the ongoing week.

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