Twitter Falls for Snapchat and Other Weekly News

Your weekly dose of technology, digital marketing, and growth news is ready!

The past week was buzzing, and as always, we Upreports Infotech here with the hottest stories in the field of technology, social media, SEO, marketing, and growth! 

Let’s quickly go through the biggest stories of the past 1 week and learn what all happened in the digital world.

Let’s go!

Google restarts GMB call support

Google has re-enabled the ability for businesses to request phone support from the Google My Business team. In case you don’t know, Google suspended this feature during the COVID crisis. In the Get Help section of Google My Business, you will now be able to see the “Get a call” feature again.

Google Maps rolls out 4 new features

Google Maps is now live with 4 new features for businesses and searchers. Here’s a look at everything new in Google Maps and how it can be useful to you:

  1. Messaging From Maps & Search
  2. Updated Performance Insights
  3. Community Feed
  4. Street View User Contributions

Source – Google

Facebook identifies 2021 topics and trends

Facebook recently published a report that shares the hottest topics on Facebook and Instagram in the past couple of years. Facebook shared tons of insights on what kept people busy the most in below 4 broad categories:

  1. Education
  2. Technology
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Spare-time

Read the complete report over here.

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Twitter lets users tweet to Snapchat

Twitter has come up with a major update. Twitter is now allowing users to share their tweets directly to Snapchat stories. This update has eliminated the need to take screenshots of tweets.

Till now, Twitter didn’t let people share tweets on other social media platforms directly. People mostly take screenshots to share tweets on other platforms but this will no longer be the obligation for Snapchat.

Do you think tweet sharing will soon come to Instagram too? Tell us in the comments!

Google speaks on core web vitals (yet again)

Recently, Google made an announcement that no-index pages can be used to evaluate a website’s core vitals. To be more precise, web pages that are purposely kept out of Google’s search index may soon be used to evaluate a set of metrics that impact search rankings. Sounds fishy, right?

This update could be a reasonable cause of concern, especially for SEOs and website owners. Upreports came across this news during the Google Search Central Livestream with John Meuller in answer to the question, “How Google chooses the groups of pages used to calculate Core Web Vitals?”

“Core Web Vitals will count for no indexed pages and things blocked in robots.txt. It’s quite interesting because obviously Search Console is aggregated, you get a group of pages”,  replied Meuller.

Core Web Vitals are designed to measure page experience. With no indexed pages still being accessible to users on the site, SEOs should think of 100% including them in the overall evaluation. 

With this, we are done with our weekly news update.

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