The reason behind Google lag and other weekly news

Turns out, Google is not god. It has its bad days too and the past week witnessed one of them. Read on to discover what made Google act like a beta version on 14 December 2020.

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Well, the reason was:

Internal storage quota was the main reason for global downtime

Google on Monday suffered a worldwide outage, disrupting the company’s online services, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, and Google Maps. This outage lasted for almost 45 minutes globally.

Google confirmed it on Twitter and said it was the result of an internal storage quota issue. This issue was quickly resolved and a follow-up review is underway to ensure that such issues don’t recur in the future.

Here’s the screengrab of the tweet:

Read in detail about it.

Google tests interactive search results

Google is testing a search results page that allows users to click and view images from the web pages. Experts are saying that this could impact click through rates. A feature like this could impact click-through rates by giving sites with descriptive images a chance to influence users to click on their website. 

This experiment provides insight into how an image can help communicate what a page of content is about.

Heavy meta titles are not against Google’s guidelines

Google clarifies that keyword-heavy meta titles and descriptions are not against webmaster guidelines. Without mincing words, Mueller says saturating a page’s meta title and description with keywords is not against Google’s guidelines. It’s not even something Google considers to be problematic.

Mueller says the biggest improvement a site could hope to see by rewriting those titles and descriptions is a better click-through rate. He repeatedly recommends writing better meta tags to improve CTR but never suggests doing so to improve rankings

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Pinterest boards upgraded with new features

Pinterest boards have rolled out 3 new feature updates to turn inspiration into action. These updates will help businesses to use their time more productively on Pinterest. Below are the new features rolled out by Pinterest boards:

  • Notes to sell directly on pins
  • Ability to favorite specific pins on a board
  • A toolbar with quick access to board functions

Source: Pinterest boards update

Twitter launches starts live testing for audio ‘Spaces’ feature 

Twitter has recently launched the first wave of its brand new, clubhouse-like audio Spaces feature. It will enable users to create an audio-only meeting, which their reciprocities can become a part of, either to listen or to actively participate.  

The audio meet-ups will be highlighted through a purple icon on the creators’ Fleets bubble, implying that an audio conference is in progress, and who is taking part. Boosting awareness via Fleets will definitely have advantages in this respect. 

This engagement feature would be good for businesses by improving engagement and content creation. Users will be notified right at the top of their feed when their connections are broadcasting in an audio room.

Twitter is also testing reactions “similar to hand gestures” and live transcriptions to enhance the user experience. 

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