IG Fan Badges, WordPress Burn, and Other Weekly News Stories

It’s Monday and time for our weekly news roundup!
Upreports is back with the latest technology news, growth updates, social media ripples, and marketing trends to help you win the digital turf.

Let’s quickly go through the biggest SEO, technology, social media, startup, and digital marketing news of the ongoing week and learn what all is happening in the web realm.

Note: Our weekly news roundup usually happens on Friday. The publishing delay is deeply regretted 🙁 

Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale made millionaires

70 sellers earned millions in the first 3 days of Flipkart’s Big Billion Days. The coronavirus is making business owners go digital and fortunes are being made globally. It seems the power of e-commerce is at its best post lockdown. It’s also expected that a lot of services will go digital-only in the coming years.  

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Instagram expanding its test of fan badges

Instagram lets more users make money with fan badges. Instagram Live fan badges were introduced recently for users to contribute money directly to their favorite creators.

In exchange for a fee, users receive a badge that is displayed next to their name when they comment on a creator’s live stream. Fan badges for Instagram Live were first rolled out to a limited number of creators. 

Now,  the ability to offer fan badges is being expanded to 50,000 additional Instagram creators. 

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New WordPress feature gets a negative response 

WordPress announced a new feature for publishing blogs in the form of a tweetstorm on Twitter. Initial positive comments took a downward trend after this new WordPress feature became apparent on Twitter. The idea behind this feature was to present the content to a news audience which means promoting the content and bringing the audience to the website. But things didn’t pan out as planned. Read the complete news.  

Source: Search Engine Journal 

Yahoo Groups to fully shut down on December 15

Yahoo groups are going to be fully shut down on December 15, 2020. They will be completely removed from the web. The process of shutting down started last year when the company disabled the ability to use Groups in October 2019. No one can add new content in Groups after that but still can view and download old content.

Whatsapp announces shopping and payment tools 

Facebook has recently announced to increase its investment in shopping with Whatsapp, one of its companies. It has introduced new business tools using which businesses can chat and close sales within the application itself. 

The new business tools will focus on these three areas: 

  • Shopping
  • Facebook hosting services 
  • Business sales 

With these tools, buyers can explore an alternative way to browse products, select and pay for the products, all while communicating with a business on Whatsapp. 

Facebook has even published a new video that demonstrates a sale transaction from chat to browsing to selecting a product to check out. Here’s the video we are talking about: 

Do you think this update will bring another eCommerce revolution? Tell us in the comments. 

That’s it! These are the most popular stories on tech, social, and growth from the ongoing week.

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