UpReports’ Head of Growth Shares Branding Lessons on Entrepreneur.com!

Sometimes, small things can do big damage to your online branding efforts. Perhaps the same occurred to Varun Sharma, Head of Growth at UpReports when he decided to share his insights with the audience of Entrepreneur.com.

To drive his point home, he shared 7 ways small and big firms are sending the wrong brand vibes to their potential customers. Here are the major points:

  • Seldom updated social media profiles
  • Non-responsive business websites
  • Poor online assets and presence
  • Terrible website design
  • Old-age stock images
  • Non-responsiveness to social queries
  • Complex contact options

Read the complete post to gather more insights and also learn how to take steps in the right direction.

While our official blog is our primary source of knowledge sharing, we are also looking into top rated media platforms to connect with entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.

In short, UpReports is going places!

Note: Varun Sharma is also the co-founder of Spotent.com and represents both ventures online.

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