Now Facebook Confirms UpReports’ Ideology – Small Enhancements Can Cast Large Shadows

While working on conversion forms and shopping cart process, we often hear clients comment on our costing. Over the time, we have gathered various practical examples and case studies to assert our case about the complexity of jobs that seem small. Facebook’s new ‘Conversation Topics’ feature is the latest addition to our collection.


The new Facebook feature tells people what you have been up to. Things like where you went last week, what you are listening to, and where you plan to go in upcoming weeks. Sounds pretty small, right?


The new feature is a masterstroke from Facebook to start new conversations on Messenger. The application has over a billion users but the value of messaging platforms depends greatly on how much time are people spending on it. Facebook already has the data. So, why not channelize it to improve engagement?

Similarly, identifying and removing that one irritable field from your Contact Us form or adding a security badge at the right place in your cart process is not something trivial. Such changes will directly influence product sales and business leads.

‘Conversion Topics’ feature has been spotted on iOS and may still take time for a complete rollout. Till then, keep working on the small website details because small enhancements can cast large shadows!



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