What to Know About Military Vehicle Transport

Moving between military bases often proves easier if professional car shipping companies are employed as opposed to driving your own vehicle yourself. Such companies specialize in military car shipping services that deliver direct door-to-door car transportation service, taking your car from its current location directly to its final destination.

Under official PCS orders, the government may cover the cost of transporting your privately owned vehicle (POV). Please remove all personal items and only leave one quarter tank of fuel remaining to prepare your POV for shipment.

Carrier Licensing

Military members relocating on short notice often do not have time to drive their personally owned vehicles (POV) themselves, which makes specialized auto transport companies ideal. They understand the challenges associated with moving to new duty stations and offer numerous services designed to make the transition as painless as possible.


Military members moving through stateside PCSs will typically be reimbursed a certain amount in lieu of transportation costs, known as Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation (MALT). This can cover most or all the expenses involved with shipping their vehicle.

Moving can be stressful. This is why it is important to know that military car shipping companies possess the expertise and equipment to transport your vehicle safely from its original home base to its final destination base. Their staff adhere to stringent loading, transportation, unloading procedures based on weight restrictions, route planning protocols, and safety protocols. They also utilize special trailers or ramps designed specifically to load and unload your vehicle safely.

Transport companies require licenses, known as Motor Carrier (MC) numbers and USDOT numbers, in order to transport your car legally across state lines. Furthermore, this protects both you and the carrier if anything should go amiss during shipping.

If you are moving overseas, your military car shipping company may assist in cancelling or suspending your car insurance while it remains stored long-term. An affidavit must be filed stating that it won’t be driven – comprehensive coverage provides protection from weather elements as well as risks such as theft or vandalism that might otherwise arise during storage.

Door-to-Door Service

As a service member with PCS orders, it may be possible for the government to cover the cost of shipping your personal operating vehicle (POV). Each military relocation can differ; please consult your order details for specifics as every military relocation has different time restrictions and time limits attached based on branch of service.

Hire a reliable transport company to make sure that your POV arrives on schedule. Companies specializing in military vehicle transport often understand the unique circumstances associated with PCS orders for active duty service members and offer door-to-door car shipping services that help make this transitional period as smooth as possible.

Additionally, these companies understand that personal-use vehicles (POVs) can serve as essential family transportation. With that in mind, they offer reliable shipping options and an estimated timeline to get it on its way – although actual shipping times may differ due to weather, traffic or road conditions.

Many car shipping companies offer military discounts that can significantly lower the costs associated with transporting. Be sure to ask about these when you speak with a customer service representative. You can click the link: https://www.military.com/discounts to learn about more available discounts for service members.

Terminal-to-Terminal Service

As part of PCS, many military personnel must relocate with their privately owned vehicle (POV) to a new base with it. When this occurs, they’ll need an auto transport company offering terminal-to-terminal service – it is convenient, efficient, cost-effective and will fit within any tight timelines associated with military relocations.

Terminal-to-terminal vehicle shipping involves dropping off and picking up vehicles at auto terminals.

Car owners drive their cars directly to these terminal locations and leave them there until a carrier arrives to collect them. Once ready for collection at their final terminal location, car owners are informed and given limited time to inspect it prior to accepting delivery of it.

Terminal-to-terminal transport may be more affordable than door-to-door options, yet not ideal for people moving quickly on short notice or with busy schedules. Coordinating vehicle drop-off and pickup times at terminal locations may prove tricky in remote areas or not on commercial truck routes.

Furthermore, terminal-to-terminal does not offer enclosed carrier services which could protect against moisture damage and debris buildup on their vehicle.

This is why it is important to consult with a transport company prior to making arrangements; they can help you determine the best method of transport for your particular situation. Thy can help you decide whether terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door shipping is the best method for you.

With door-to-door shipping, your vehicle is picked up at your home and delivered to the destination of your choice. This can be more costly in some areas; be sure to compare prices before committing to one option.

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