Google’s March 2024 Core & Spam Update: Insights for Fast Recovery

The first Google Core update of this year is here and it has come almost at the same time (March) as last year. This core update by Google will take up to a month to fully roll out because it has updates to a few systems within the core ranking system. In short, it is a major one. 

Google’s Helpful content system is now also part of the core update and won’t be reported separately anymore. As the leading online marketing company in India, we are here to document everything about the March core algorithm update so that you are not left to fend for yourself.

Read on to gain crucial core algorithm changes and SEO insights about the recent ranking critical Google update!

Google’s March 2024 Core Update Overview

  • This core and spam update was launched on March 5, 2024, and is expected to take around a month for a full rollout.
  • It aims to target all types of content and will be more likely to reduce low-quality, unoriginal, and unhelpful content in search results by 40%.
  • The impact is global, affecting all regions and languages. However, English websites are experiencing more volatility. 
  • With the March 2024 core update, Google will stop announcing new helpful content updates, since the helpful content system has been incorporated into the core update system.
  • The official name of this core update is “Google March 2024 Broad Core Update”
  • In comparison to other core updates, this update is more complex and involves various changes to multiple core systems within Google’s ranking system.
  • Google has said that there will be more ranking fluctuations than with regular core updates, as different systems get fully updated and reinforce each other.

Meaning, we should get ready for ranking hiccups in March! 

March 2024 Core Update Highlights 

  • Google is trying to redefine how it understands web pages that are unhelpful, have poor user experiences, or are created primarily for search engines rather than users.
  • Alongside the core update, Google has also released spam updates with new policies aimed at improving search result quality.
  • The practice of using old domains with a good backlink to launch something new won’t guarantee much ranking boost. Google’s algorithms are now more sophisticated, prioritizing content quality and relevance over domain age.
  • Content tailored exclusively for search engines is no longer effective. Google’s emphasis is on providing valuable information for users, ensuring that content serves their needs and offers a positive experience.
  • Page experience is now a crucial factor. User-friendly websites with fast loading times, mobile optimization, and overall positive interaction will be favored in search rankings.
  • The strategy of churning out large volumes of content quickly won’t contribute to better rankings. Quality over quantity is key, as Google focuses on delivering meaningful and relevant content to users. In short, stop thinking of using AI to publish hundreds of blogs in a month on your website to rank everywhere. 
  • The effectiveness of guest blogs seems to be diminished in the coming time. Instead of relying solely on guest blogging for backlinks, it’s crucial to prioritize high-quality, context-relevant contributions that add genuine value to the audience.

In short, it will be more complex to rank in the coming years but don’t worry, we are here to help you! If your goal is to dominate top search results, drop us an email at for a free consultation session. 

Google core update

Google March 2024 Core Update Recovery: Recommendations

It’s a given that every website will feel the heat, be it pleasant or scathing, of the 2024 Google core update. Here’s your roadmap to better preparation and faster recovery from the latest core update: 

  • It’s important to understand that a drop in rankings doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your web pages.
  • If you saw major volatility, then it’s time to review your website as a whole.
  • Google advises websites to self-assess the content since the focus of organic search should be on delivering relevant answers and resources to users.
  • Ensure that your pages and posts are up to date as Google has been quite clear about the fact that content ‘freshness’ is a way to determine relevance.
  • Improve the relevance of your problem pages as Google outlines it’s the main purpose of core updates.
  • The key thing here however is to put quality at the heart of your new pages and posts; to ensure that any new content contains relevance and authority signals. 

Check out the official Google resource to recover from core updates. It ain’t anything to the point but it will help issues if you have been going in a very wrong direction.

Recovery from 2024 March Update

Overall, the March 2024 core update is presented as a comprehensive effort by Google to improve search quality by reducing low-quality and unhelpful content in search results. But there will be ranking winners and there will be SEO losers. 

There aren’t specific actions to take to recover. A negative rankings impact may not signal anything is wrong with your pages. If you got a drop in the rankings we suggest making changes that are advised by Google and recommended above. 

If your website has been affected by recent Google core updates, we advise partnering with us – India’s leading SEO experts in India – for fast recovery and lasting results.

Got any queries to ask? Leave them in the comment section and get a quick reply from our experts.

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