Google Certification and Biweekly Tech News Roundup

We are back with our biweekly tech news roundup to keep you updated with every hip and happening in the field of technology, digital marketing, SEO, social media, and more. Let’s start with the special from Google.

Google recently launched a certification program that will help people learn job-ready skills in high-demand fields. These courses are developed by Google and are aimed to help people engage top national employers hiring for related roles.

The programs being offered include:

  1. Data Analyst :- This certificate helps learners develop confidence navigating the data lifecycle using tools and platforms to process, analyze, visualize and gain insights from data.
  2. Project Manager :- This certificate focuses on the foundations of traditional project management, while also offering insight into agile project management.
  3. UX Designer :- This certificate teaches participants the foundations of UX design and research, building low-fidelity designs and wireframes, creating high-fidelity prototypes, and testing.

These certificates are developed by Google’s global team and hosted on Coursera. The pricing is $49 per month.

Grants and scholarships are also available. The completion time for each course is around six months but there’s no strict time frame.

Google is letting people sign up to be notified via email as soon as the courses are open.

For more information, and to sign up for notifications, click here

Tweeter New Conversation Setting

Twitter is working hard to become a non-toxic place, and its recent feature is probably aimed at the same. Now, you can choose who can reply to your tweets with Twitter New Conversation Setting. Users can also only allow people they follow, only people mentioned, or no one at all to directly respond to their Tweets.

These settings help some people feel safer and could lead to more meaningful conversations. The feature is available globally to all Twitter users.

Google Indexing Glitch

The word on the SEO forms is that Google search results were majorly disrupted on August 10, 2020. Since there was official notification of any update from Google, there was a bit of a chaos in online forums. 

Turns out, Google experienced an indexing glitch that negatively impacted search quality. Google’s search glitch appeared to affect all languages, countries, and niches. Read more to learn more 

New Search Console Insights

Search Console Insights is a new experience for content creators and publishers and can help them understand how audiences discover their site. This new experience is powered by data from both Search Console and Google Analytics.

It is currently only available to a group of users that have already received an official email from Google for a specific site. This experience is not optimized for desktop but can help you take a closer look at how your site is performing on mobile.

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