How to Make Guest Bloggers Fall in Love with You?


Every website and blog owner loves guest posts. And why shouldn’t they? It not only adds fresh content to your blog but also brings new perspectives. But making your website alluring to reputed bloggers is not a walk in the park. They don’t just show up and make a line to ask for publishing. At least blogging influencers don’t.

You need to work hard to make your business website or blog appealing to bloggers and industry experts. Read on and discover tips, ideas and strategies to make guest bloggers contact you for contribution:

Build to impress

Believe it or not, top bloggers will look beyond published content to decide if they want to publish with you or not. Design and visual appeal of your blog matters a lot too. It takes a long time to build a name in blogging and no self-respecting blogger is going to join hands with something built on a free WordPress theme.

In short, try to be the next-big-thing in your industry.

Publish publish publish

If your blog is only publishing one blog post in 2 days, then, we have bad news for you. The only advantage guest blogging brings for content creators is access to a new audience. And low post frequency doesn’t make a great first impression.

Pro tip – Blog as frequently as possible to garner interest from guest bloggers.

Shout and invite 

Create a clear call to action on the homepage to invite guest posts. This is very important because if you chose to hide your link to ‘guest publishing’ page in the footer, very few will notice it. Make space for guest post banner in the first fold itself. That’s what top publishing platforms do and that’s what you should do too.

Power of social

Bloggers are very active on social media platforms like Twitter. And that’s where you ought to be if you are looking for guest contributions. Follow popular bloggers and study their followers for more references. After a week or two of interactions, invite them to contribute. Don’t go for the elite ones with 80K followers.

The guest blogging idea is to aim for the emerging ones to improve your chances.

Comment away  

Blogging is a thankless job until you have amassed a big following. That’s why bloggers love to interact with people who appreciate their work. Get active in the comments section of popular industry blogs and focus on building relationships.  Don’t forget to add value through comments to get maximum eyeballs.

The most important thing is that you will have to make your blog worth guest posts. Only then will bloggers show interest to your contribution offer.

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