Customer is Not Always Right in IT Industry. Nor He is King

In the last Slideshare created by our team, we shared something that raised quite a many eyebrows. Here’s the particular slide we are talking about:


The quote is the opposite of the popular saying, ‘Customer is King’ and loosely also ‘Customer is always right’. Before moving ahead, let’s make one thing clear.

“We totally believe that customer is king and he ought to be treated like one. But it is also true that he is a kid and not always right when it comes to IT industry.”

And we have solid reasons to prove it.

Difference of thought

‘Customer is king’ is about how customers ought to be treated. They deserve the best experience and service from you. Our twist to the popular thought is about customer makeup in IT.

Most know little about the world of process design, development technologies and marketing strategies. Hence, they ought to be educated patiently, just like a kid.

Right King paradox

Treating the customer like a king in IT industry means agreeing to whatever (s)he says. This could be dangerous for project success since the customer is not the one with industry knowhow. In fact, you can’t be right in any field unless you have practical knowledge and years of experience.

Top IT service providers have the best knowledge of how websites ought to be planned, built, and promoted. Obliging to customer’s whims that don’t have the insights will lead to trouble.

Idea behind kid theory

Team UpReports have spent over 20 years in the IT industry and have seen thousands of ventures succeed. Sadly, we have also seen hundreds fail because web design and development firms did exactly what client wanted.

We came up with this thought to help businesses and brands seeking web design, programming, and marketing assistance make right hiring decisions.

To put it simply, choose a service provider that comes up with a vision and action plan for your project. Also, ask your hired team to share:

  • Idea behind site design
  • Appropriateness of chosen technology
  • Relevancy of marketing channels

Share your vision and let your team take care of other details. In case your chosen agency insists on references and sample sites, it is time to rethink your hiring decision.

Of course, you are the KING in IT industry and always right as well if you have spent years studying websites, how they work, what makes them tick, and how to scale them.

Got anything to say about our kid theory? Comment section is all yours! Drop an email at if you are struggling with growth.

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