Cloudflare in Love With WordPress And Other (Mostly Google) News

It’s Friday and it’s time for our weekly news roundup!

Upreports is back with the latest technology news, growth updates, and marketing trends to help you win the digital turf.

Let’s quickly go through the biggest SEO, technology, social media, startup, and digital marketing news of the ongoing week and learn what all is happening in the web realm:

Automatic platform optimization for WordPress

Cloudflare announced a new service that dramatically improves WordPress page speed. Anyone using WordPress (that’s 38% of the websites on the internet) can sign up for as little as $5 per month. Sites on modest shared hosts can experience dramatic improvements in speed. The service is called Automatic Platform Optimization.

Performance slowdowns caused by template bloat and malfunctioning plugins are widely reported on WordPress. With Cloudflare’s APO, slow WordPress websites will become a thing of the past. 

Source – Cloudflare APO

Google extends Meet calls to March 2021

Google has extended the free video call service ‘Google Meet’ to March 2021. This news came just after the announcement of free tier calls expiration that was previously limited to an hour each. The update is a big relief for freelancers and entrepreneurs who switched to Google Meet during the lockdown.

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Google My Business to log recent customer calls

Google My Business is coming up with a new major update that will allow business owners to keep a track of recent customer calls triggered by the search results. They have already published a Help page to assist businesses with this new feature before it launches. Check it out over here.  

Google’s web stories expanding in more Google areas

Web Stories – previously known as AMP stories featured in search results since 2019 – will now be available in the discover section also on all the google supported platforms like iOS and Android. This new feature in the discover section will give more traffic boost to publishers using the AMP tech. 

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Twitter to let users crop their own image previews

Whenever an image is uploaded to a tweet, it automatically gets cropped to 600 pixels by 335 pixels. Twitter says it’s working on this new feature that will give users the ability to crop their own image previews and have greater control over how photos appear in the main feed. 

This change comes amid criticism that Twitter’s image cropping algorithm is biased regarding what it does and does not crop out of photos. The exact changes Twitter will roll out, and when it’ll be rolled out, are not known at this time. 

That’s it! These are the freshest stories on tech from the ongoing week.

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