The Hottest News of the Week Bygone – #Throwback

Do you know that technology is good for health? It actually is and it has nothing to do with Fitbit. And do you know that GIFs and memes will take over the world one day? We are making little sense. The past week was buzzing with tech news from the Silicon Valley and we are here to keep you updated with the latest happenings.

So, are you ready for our real-quick weekly dose of tech?

Here it is!

Bye books. Hi texting

Youngsters are finally into reading but not the way we want. Teens are going crazy about fiction chat apps and these apps have been dominating the app charts for the past few months. Hooked, Yarn and Tap are the apps which teens seem to be going nuts about.

Yarn has original content and different themes. Some of these include hypothetical conversations. From romance to crime stories, Tap makes it easy to see what’s trending. You can also write your own stories and share them with friends. How’s that?

More GIFs please

The news on the street is that Facebook is going to introduce a new GIF button for comment to mark the 30th anniversary of the GIF format. Facebook began its testing 3 months ago and also announced 13 billion GIFs were sent on messenger over the past year with 400 million on New Year day of 2017.

Facebook added GIF support 2 years ago but users had to enter the URL of GIF host to comment. GIF button will make it easier, especially on mobile and users can search and post GIFs from different services like Giphy and Tenor by using GIF button. Read more.

Headspace out for meditation

Headspace has launched a new flexible version of its app for people who spend more time thinking about meditating than actually doing meditating. It includes meditations that can be as short as just one minute.

Subscribers can set their own time limits for meditations and can switch between packs or guided meditations based on themes like anxiety or motivation. Will this help Headspace to attract more users? Read to find out

Technology is actually good for health!

Technology is considered bad for the health since computers and smartphones came up. That’s mostly because they encouraged a sedentary lifestyle (let’s not mention Pokémon Go here). But technology is not that bad as per a detailed post we came across recently.

From apps that measure the body exertion to devices that make body parts work as they should, technology has become the means to stay fit and healthy. Read complete post here!

A lot of other important stuff happened over the last week but since are mostly busy generating brand and marketing value for some of our clients, we can only get our eyes on above.

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